Dr Jackie Batey

Dr Batey’s article 'Are You Okay?' was selected for the award from among the journal’s ten highest-ranked articles.

23 March 2021

2 min read

Dr Jackie Batey, Senior Lecturer in Illustration, has been named winner of the annual International Award for Excellence by the Information, Medium and Society: Journal of Publishing Studies.

Dr Batey’s article Are You Okay? was selected for the award from among the journal’s ten highest-ranked articles. Dr Batey is invited to be a featured speaker at the next conference, where she will be acknowledged with a short presentation.

Dr Batey is an internationally recognised academic researcher and practitioner, responsible for the construction of Zineopolis, a field defining digital research and dissemination platform for the genre, which has increased the participation and visibility of non-academic artists.

In her writings and lectures, Dr Batey has shown how zines can reveal visual narratives often from voices that usually remain unheard. She is particularly focused on what we can learn from visual narratives about lived experiences concerning mental health.

Are you Okay?: Mental Health Narratives in Art Zines from the Zinepolis Collection explores art zines that contain visual narratives about mental health. It questions how visual narratives about issues such as general anxiety disorder, burnout and post-traumatic stress disorder can communicate to a reader through art zines.

The article considers how personal stories can be shared in a positive context, exploring art zines that show care and understanding, offering an alternative narrative to popular media, where mental health issues have often been portrayed unsympathetically, creating stigma.

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