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In this episode, Trudy Barber explains how the digital age is evolving sexual identity and community.

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The Evolution of Cybersexualities ft. Dr Trudy Barber

What do intimacy and sex look like in cyberspace, and how will this inform relationships of the future?

Thanks to technology, humans have more ways to engage intimately with each other and themselves in cyberspace. 

The University of Portsmouth’s Dr Trudy Barber has been exploring how the body can become ‘multi-mediated’ with technology and virtual reality since her 1980s art student days. In this episode she explains how the digital age is evolving sexual identity and community.

She also looks at how the socio-political context of sexuality has played a role in how technology is received and where it is used, as well as some of our underlying fears and reservations. So are we about to be taken over by an army of sex robots? Trudy helps clear up a few myths.

Please note this episode contains adult subject matter which some listeners may be sensitive to.

You can find out more about this work and other research at the University of Portsmouth website: https://www.port.ac.uk/research/research-projects

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