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Dr. Branislav Hock discusses emerging themes and contemporary challenges

  • 07 April 2021
  • 1 hour watch

The University of Portsmouth's Interdisciplinary Webinar Series, chaired by Leïla Choukroune, Professor of International Law and Director of the University of Portsmouth Thematic Area in Democratic Citizenship continues with a presentation by Dr Branislav Hock, Senior Lecturer in Economic Crime, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth

Global corporate conduct presents a regulatory challenge. In many areas, states are increasingly requiring businesses to undertake compliance efforts internally to prevent and detect violations of laws and regulations. A well-managed organisation needs to implement these requirements through ethics and compliance programmes. Corporations facing allegations of serious corporate misconduct may enjoy significant leverage during settlement negotiations with enforcement authorities shall they evidence their compliance programme is appropriate and effective. Corporations with effective compliance programmes receive considerable leniency and might even completely avoid liability.

In this presentation Dr Branislav Hock will explore the changing nature of policing corporate misconduct and especially the role of global enforcement and global corporate compliance. Some of the significant questions of corporate accountability, collective action, and the rule of law will be raised. In doing so, Branislav will explore some of the more fundamental ideas to further dialogue between disciplines and facilitate conversation on how to engage in interdisciplinary research to further our understanding of global corporate conduct, compliance, and enforcement.

Research Futures: Global Corporate Compliance