16th & 17th January 2019
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Biomaterials for tissue engineering research

Explore how our research helps in tissue regeneration

We work on engineered novel bio-polymers made with natural substances or of synthetic nature so they can become responsive materials that are liquid at room temperature and turn to gels in the body. These gels are formulated to carry human cells and instruct them to regenerate tissues such as bone and cartilage. In this field, we work closely with mechanical engineers to study the mechanical properties of healthy tissues and better mimic them with our materials that work as scaffolds for tissue engineering. This collaboration also extends to additive manufacturing such as 3D printing and other manufacturing techniques such as electrospinning.

Through collaboration with industry, we work at developing products that will be used in the repair of damaged tissue, in particular cartilage, bone, tendons and muscles.
Our work is supported by a number of industrial partners that include small and medium size companies in the area of biomaterials and tissue engineering, and bigger pharmaceutical companies.

Current research topics

  • Biomimetic scaffolds for tissue regeneration
  • Electrospun scaffolds for regeneration of the muscle-tendon junction
  • Synthesis of biomimetic hydroxyapatite for bone regeneration applications
  • Development of antibacterial polymers and composite materials to combat biofilm formation


  • NTL Biologica
  • Biocera
  • Haleon
  • GSK
  • University of Sassari, Italy
  • Technology University of Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Marta Roldo Portrait

Dr Marta Roldo

Associate Professor in Biomaterials


School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Faculty of Science and Health

PhD Supervisor

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