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Biological Sciences research

Explore our research across 6 areas of expertise, including biodiversity and evolution, ecotoxicology and environmental monitoring, and molecular biophysics

Our Biological Sciences research explores everything from how the diverse range of life on Earth has evolved over time, to the huge ecological consequences of human activity, and the growing threat posed by antibiotic resistance. And through our wide-ranging and collaborative research – across our 6 interconnected areas of expertise below – we're turning our expertise into action.

In the area of Biodiversity and Evolution, our research aims to expand our knowledge of the diverse organisms that exist across the Tree of Life, from microbes to whales.

In the field of Epigenetics and Developmental Biology, we're exploring new ways to treat genetic disorders, identifying novel targets for drugs and searching for advances in treatment that could impact the lives of millions.

With pollution an ever-growing concern for the current and future health of the planet, our Ecotoxicology and Environmental Monitoring research is examining how humans impact ecosystems, and developing new ways to both assess and counteract human impact on the environment.

In our Molecular Biophysics work, we're exploring the composition and function of biomolecules, such as DNA, RNA and proteins, and looking for new ways to modify and manipulate their behaviour so they can be used in ways to benefit society and industry.

In response to the ever-increasing danger posed by antibiotic resistance, our research in Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology is focused on the search for new antibiotics and other important enzymes and molecules – and on the development of the new technology needed to harness microbes for human benefit.

And in our Marine Sciences research, we're working to improve the marine environment for future generations, and to make marine activities more sustainable.

Our research is a core component of the University's Health and Wellbeing research theme, which seeks to improve society through enhancing health and wellbeing, advancing the knowledge economy, and stimulating innovation to grow the UK economy.

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