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Finance research

Explore the research work we're doing across our 3 areas of expertise in Finance

Finance affects almost every aspect of modern society. The health of the global economy, the wellbeing of individual citizens, the success or failure of businesses big and small – each is affected by the ways in which capital is made, spent, allocated, recorded and managed.

Financial crises, such as those seen in recent decades, have the capacity to cause huge unrest and upheaval at almost every level of society, and our research is helping to guard against such a possibility.

Within our 3 interconnected, collaborative and multidisciplinary areas of finance expertise, we're transforming our knowledge into research that's making an impact.

In our banking and financial markets research, we're examining how financial markets – and the institutions operating with them – function. In our corporate finance work, we're working to improve our understanding of asset pricing in capital markets, especially in relation to the performance of Initial Public Offerings.

For example, highly innovative work is being carried out exploring the role of political connections with IPOs – in addition to the role of underwriters, auditors and venture capitalists. We're also considering the role of credit ratings in capital markets and various topics related to mergers and acquisitions.

And in our FinTech and microfinance research, we're investigating the exciting, fast-changing technologies that are changing the financial sector (FinTech) and the upstart financial services (Microfinance) that are challenging the status quo of traditional banking services. We're also exploring the growing demand for each, and the impact they're making on individuals, firms and governments.

We make use of a variety of financial databases that offer a range of functions to students and staff. These range from access to historical data to the structure of organisations.

Explore our Finance areas of expertise

Find out more about the facilities and research methods that shape our Finance research – and learn more about our recent projects, the academic and industrial partners with whom we collaborate, and the major funders who fund our work.

Banking and financial markets

Our banking and financial markets research examines the functioning of financial markets and the institutions that operate in those markets. Find out more about our research.

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Corporate finance

We're working to improve our understanding of asset pricing in capital markets, especially in relation to the performance of Initial Public Offerings.

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Fintech and microfinance

Join us in our work in helping individuals, firms, and governments learn to use FinTech to meet their needs. Explore our fintech and microfinance research.

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Interested in a PhD in Finance?

Browse our postgraduate research degrees – including PhDs and MPhils – at our Finance postgraduate research degrees page.