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Exploring literature past and present

Uncovering the history and culture of societies through literature

At the Centre for Studies in Literature, we promote academic research and innovation, and a framework for research excellence in the area of literary studies and associated disciplines.

For over a decade, the Centre has been home to our English Literature research, through which we uncover the history and culture of the English speaking world. Our researchers have expertise in early modern writing, nineteenth-century literature and culture, and twentieth-century British and American literature. We bring together scholars from different fields within literary studies to promote academic research and innovation in literary studies, and wider engagement with research through collaboration and dissemination.

The Centre is recognised nationally and internationally due to the expertise of our team of scholars, growing postgraduate community and a series of high-profile academic and public events. 

Our members have interests in related fields within film studies, cultural studies and American studies, and we maintain strong links with the Centre for European and International Studies Research (CEISR).


We've developed mutually-beneficial links with local non-academic organisations, such as the Dimbola Lodge Museum, Portsmouth City Council and the City Museum in the area of literary heritage studies.

We have a particular focus on Dickens and Doyle, both former citizens of Portsmouth, and on Tennyson and Julia Margaret Cameron, both of whom have significant connections with the Isle of Wight.

Our research covers these areas of expertise

Body politics

Through the study of literature, culture, sociology and politics, we're exploring how bodies shape political identity, how the body is presented through performance, and how cultural representations of bodies have changed over time.

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Time, space and environment

We're exploring representations of time, space and environment in English Literature and culture – from the eighteenth century to the present day.

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