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Interested in volunteering to take part in our dog cognition research?

We're always looking for canine volunteers to take part in our dog cognition research studies.

Your help is invaluable for the successful completion of these studies.

Our experience shows us that people and dogs enjoy participating in research as much as we do.  

By completing this form you are allowing the Department of Psychology to use the information submitted to contact you about potential research opportunities.

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What happens next

Once you have submitted your information by clicking the Submit button below our researchers will be in contact with you only when we have relevant studies running.  

Please do not worry if you do not hear from us immediately, sometimes we need only certain dogs for a specific study and we currently have over 600 dogs in the database.

Interested in volunteering as a researcher?

We accept volunteer research assistants for (minimum) 3 month placements. Please contact Juliane Kaminski for further information.