Exercise and physical activity research

Physical activity, health and rehabilitation research

Our research includes breast health and clinical, health and rehabilitation

 The Physical Activity, Health, and Rehabilitation Thematic Research Group conducts interdisciplinary research focused on promoting physical activity, rehabilitating individuals facing barriers to activity, and understanding and measuring determinants of health and wellbeing in various contexts. Our work encompasses biomechanical, physiological, and psychological approaches, bridging the gap between fundamental and applied research.


Our two sub-groups

Clinical, Health and Rehabilitation Team (CHaRT)

Multidisciplinary experts investigating approaches for increasing physical activity, rehabilitating individuals from conditions preventing them from being active, and the positive benefits of physical activity in a variety of clinical and non-clinical contexts. Our work incorporates interdisciplinary methods straddling biomechanical, physiological and psychological research techniques.

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Research Group in Breast Health

Experts in breast biomechanics working to improve scientific knowledge of breast health, inform the development of breast related products and raise awareness of this important aspect of women’s health.

Woman tested as a volunteer in the research group in breast health
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