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It's our ambition to improve knowledge exchange outcomes for students, academics and collaborators

Get involved in shaping and testing a brand new toolkit of resources for student engagement in knowledge exchange (SEKE).

At the University of Portsmouth, we prioritise and value embedding knowledge exchange in our curriculum.

Within our curriculum, SEKE includes lots of different activities where research, knowledge and ideas are shared between academics, students and external organisations such as local businesses, to everyone's benefit.

These include things like:

Project aims

The Creative Students Creating Business (CSCB) project is focused on researching effective SEKE and developing a web-based toolkit of good-practice guidance and online learning to enhance impact.

This toolkit will be freely available to SEKE students and practitioners in business and higher education.

Our ambition is to:

  • research and report on good practice SEKE across the university
  • create an interactive online toolkit
  • engage with 600+ students
  • engage with 200+ academics and external organisations who are involved in SEKE

Get involved

If you're a business or organisation that's involved in SEKE projects, or an academic (from Portsmouth or beyond) we'd love to hear from you. We're particularly keen to hear from people who are involved in the areas of business, law or creative industries, or if you've had past experience of a SEKE project here at the University.

  • Inform the research and toolkit development

We're developing and testing a brand new toolkit to support the delivery of effective SEKE across the higher education sector. If you'd like to find out more and be involved with this work by sharing your experiences or testing the new tools, get in touch.

Learn about the project and take part

  • Keep up to date

If you’d like to know when the toolkit goes live and stay in touch with the project, you can follow the project on Instagram or email the team at cscb@port.ac.uk

Meet the team

The University of Portsmouth staff working on this project are as follows:

  • Alexandra Russell – Senior Research Fellow
  • Amy Doyle – Academic and Student Stakeholder Coordinator
  • Anthony Harrison – Digital Developer
  • Catherine McNamara – Academic Liaison Lead
  • Chidubem Ikeatuegwu – Senior Research Fellow
  • Kevin Stroud – Business Stakeholder Coordinator
  • Peter Hooley – Business Liaison and Practise Improvement Lead
  • Peter Wainwright – Student Liaison Lead
  • Simona Panaro – Senior Research Fellow
  • Zoe Dann – Principal Investigator and Project Coordinator

This project is co-funded by the Office for Students and UK Research and Innovation (UKRi).

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