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Horizons 5g

Horizons 5G is a group of UK institutions working to create a converged 5G network that benefits everyone

Horizons 5G aims to open up the unique capabilities that can only be delivered when terrestrial and space are converged.

As a network of like-minded institutions, we see opportunities in the future communications market.

We believe that a converged 5G network that takes the best from terrestrial and space can enable a seamless high-speed network designed for the Internet of Things (IOT), machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, and our hyper-connected society.

This network will enable connectivity, applications and the provision of services that we can barely imagine today. Horizons 5G exists to enable everyone to benefit from this global, wide-area, high-capacity, resilient and cost-effective 5G network.

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Our aims

The Horizons 5G network is currently focused on:

  • Development of trials and demonstrators, working alongside the 5G Test Beds & Trials Programme to embed space in the future network
  • Creating a collaborative approach to the development of future concepts that includes operators, OEMs, application and service providers and other 5G initiatives, including 5GIC
  • Involvement of strategic market verticals such as transport, media and entertainment, public safety, and security and energy to drive added-value for business and the UK
  • Developing a set of early-bird applications and services exploiting existing assets to support the transition to 5G

The work we're doing supports the UK's goal to become a world leader in 5G.

The government's strategy focuses on:

  • Working to incentivize the private investment needed to roll out 5G in the UK
  • Carrying out R&D through a national testbed and trial programme
  • Setting targets to extend mobile coverage to 95% of the UK geography
  • Ensuring that mainline rail routes, major roads and connectivity ‘hotspots’ are 5G ready
  • Setting the strategy for spectrum access and regulation
  • Supporting the industry-led standards setting process

Who we are

The Horizons 5G network was formed as way of convening a group of companies and organisations to ensure that air and space-borne data capability and connectivity are part of future networks, 5G and beyond.

The network is a collaborative membership organisation with a physical hub at the University of Portsmouth, with links in place to other trial and testbed sites across the country.

Our primary objectives are:

  • to accelerate 5G deployment
  • to increase UK exports and productivity
  • to facilitate a seamless delivery of 5G
  • to ensure improved reliability, resilience and coverage

Our secondary aims are:

  • to minimise environmental impacts of 5G
  • to ensure appropriate levels of QoS, such as security and availability
  • to contribute towards maximising the efficiency of the provision of 5G

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Contact Horizons 5G

To contact the network, please email SCCoE@port.ac.uk, including 'Horizons 5G' in the subject line.