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Information for Nursing and AHP Placement Providers

Learn more about placement support during the coronavirus crisis

As an employer of our students deployed under the emergency standards, the placements information below should help you support them while they work with you.

If your questions aren't answered below, please contact the Faculty of Science and Health Placements Office at


Process for placement support

University of Portsmouth staff are still available to support you and our students at this time and can still be contacted individually. If you have difficulty reaching a member of staff, please email our Placements Office on and we will ensure your query reaches someone who can help.

During the coronavirus crisis, we've produced the additional information below regarding placement support.

Placement planning

During the coronavirus pandemic, the regular process of clinical placement arrangements has been altered to align with the emergency standards for nursing and midwifery education (NMC 2020) and the emergency standards for the Heath and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

At this time, only students who ‘opt in’ to the temporary arrangement and are deemed eligible will be offered placements.

Health Education England will coordinate placements for students in the first instance and where possible, students will be placed in an organisation of their choice.

Students will be placed in an area relevant to their field of study. Placements outside of the usual geographical area will be supported. All placement allocations will take into account public health guidelines.

This process is voluntary, therefore, students can opt in or out, provided this is clearly communicated with the University and abides by the contractual requirements of the placement provider.

Quality assurance

Placement providers will endorse that they are able to support the requirements within this process. At an operational level, personnel from the University of Portsmouth with a remit for providing student support (i.e. Module coordinators and Personal Tutors) have clearly defined areas of responsibility for student achievement and wellbeing. These roles will be conducted in a slightly revised way with standardised input from Academic Assessors, Practice Educators or Mentors for support and governance.

For Nursing students, quality assurance of placements used during the pandemic will be managed through the virtual Practice Learning Group (Nursing), which meets on a monthly basis. The group will monitor changes to the placement and staff, whether a Practice Supervisor or Assessor is available, areas of risk for students, and communication channels and support.

If concerns meet the criteria for reporting to regulatory bodies this will be done using set processes and in collaboration with the placement provider.

The University of Portsmouth process for Raising & Managing Concerns in Practice Placements (2016) continues to provide clear information and process for students to raise a concern in relation to poor care. A revised process for students and employers has been developed to capture key issues and enable support for both students and employers during the pandemic.

The Course Leaders for AHP programmes, the Programme lead for Nursing and the Course leader for Adult Nursing have oversight of actions to address any concerns raised. They review concerns and report to the Head of School on key issues.

Raising concerns about a student

If you're an employer of one of our Nursing students who is working on placement under the emergency Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) standards and you have concerns about them, please send us your concerns using our online form.

If you're an employer of one of our AHP students who is working on placement under the emergency Heath and Care Professions Council (HCPC) standards and have concerns about them, please send us your concerns using our online form.

Placement based support

Dependent upon the programme, placement support will be provided by a University Practice Learning Advisor, Link Midwifery Lecturer or Placement Tutor. Placement support will usually be facilitated using remote contact.

Students will not have supernumerary status during the temporary period, however students will be supervised and supported appropriately and receive protected learning time in accordance with requirements of regulatory bodies.

Student preparation

Students will be prepared for placement by the University and placement provider, including induction and orientation to all health and safety requirements (including specialist PPE training where required).

A contract of employment will be provided by the placement provider and the student will have a nominated line manager for reporting purposes.

Changes to assessment requirements will be communicated to students and placement providers to ensure programme outcomes are achieved.

Student absence

If a student is unable to attend work, they should inform you as their employer in the first instance. They are then required to inform the University by emailing the Faculty Placements Office.

They need to state their name, student number, course and year, and include an explanation of what is wrong with them and how long they may be absent.

Medical certification

If students are off sick for more than 7 days, they must submit a copy of their medical fit note (or Statement of Fitness to work) from their GP or hospital to the Faculty Placements Office.

If they don't submit a self certification form or medical certificate, this could affect their eligibility to claim Extenuating Circumstances at a later date.

Accidents, contamination incidents and sharps

Students must report all accidents and sharps or contamination incidents in line with the policy of their employer.

Should the employer not have access to occupational health provision, the incident should be referred to Portsmouth Hospital Trust’s Occupational Health Department on +44 (0)2392 283 689 between the hours of 8.30am and 4.45pm Monday – Friday, or to the Emergency Department on +44 (0)2392 286 000, ext 6366.

In addition, students must report the incident to Portsmouth Hospital Trust’s Occupational Health Department on +44 (0)2392 283689 between the hours of 8.30am and 4.45pm Monday – Friday.

An HS1 form must be completed by the student and their line manager and emailed to the Faculty Placements Office.

As their employer, please inform the Faculty Placements Office of any accidents and sharps or contamination incidents involving a student on placement.

Record of Hours

Record of Hours forms must be completed by the student and signed by a supervisor on a regular basis. Students must submit these to the Faculty Placements Office at the end of each month via email.

We've asked Nursing students to submit the forms on a weekly basis during June so we can confirm achievement prior to their completion and registration.

Students are responsible for taking a copy of their record of hours forms.

Download the Record of Hours form.