This toolkit is the result of a collaboration between the Autism Centre for Research on Employment at the University of Portsmouth and Autism&Uni at Leeds Beckett University.

What is special about this toolkit?

This Autism at University toolkit is not merely informational, it is a toolkit to help you make the most of your time at University. It is based on the following principles:

  • Less is more: We have selected and summarised, from the generic student toolkit, the most relevant information for you
  • Empowerment: We list questions you may want to ask yourself to help you take control and make the most of the resources available
  • Support: We give you useful tips and links to find out more about each topic
  • Participatory design: This toolkit is the result of a close collaboration between researchers, professionals and undergraduate students on the Autism Spectrum.

The full Autism&Uni toolkit also includes information about relevant facilities, people, services and buildings at a specific university. To find out whether your university has adopted the toolkit or to enquire about adopting it, contact

The links below give you useful information to consider before you apply to university, as well as what to expect in classes once you arrive.

For more support for current students, including study tips and wellbeing advice, check out the MyPort Autism Toolkit below.


We would really value any feedback on this toolkit to help us to improve it.

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This toolkit is an adaptation of the Autism&Uni project led by Marc Fabri from Leeds Beckett University, under license CC BY 4.0. The original Autism&Uni project was funded with support from the European Commission with partners in the UK, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. For more information about this project please visit the Autism&Uni website.