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Find out more about how we're keeping you safe while you're on campus, and what you can do to help

Moving to university comes with new independence. We want you to enjoy your time with us, but also stay safe on campus and in the city.

You're supported 24/7 by our Campus Security and Surveillance Team. You can call them at any time if you find yourself in an emergency situation. You'll also get CCTV protection in most University buildings and halls. Our CCTV is monitored throughout the day by Security Officers in our Control Room.

Keeping you and your property safe is the team's priority. We run events throughout the year to help you protect your property and provide secure bike storage if you need it. We also have a dedicated Police Liaison Officer should you need to share concerns. 

Emergencies on campus

We recommend adding the Campus Emergency number – +44 (0)23 9284 3333 – to your phone right away.

Once it's saved in your contacts, you can quickly call our Security and Surveillance team, any time of day, in the event of an emergency:

Emergencies off campus

If you need immediate medical advice and guidance, but you're not in a life-threatening emergency that requires an ambulance, call 111.

If you're in an emergency off campus, call the Emergency Services on 999 and ask for the ambulance, fire or police.

Campus Security and Surveillance Team

The Security and Surveillance Team aims to provide you with a safe and secure environment to live and study in. They are your main contact for emergencies on campus. The team is available 24 hours a day, throughout the year, for both emergencies and non-emergency queries.

Reporting non-emergency situations on campus

You can contact our security officers in a non-emergency situation by calling our control room team. Our security officers also attend events and respond to calls.

Everyday security and safety on campus

Our Security and Surveillance Team has measures in place to make sure you're studying in a safe environment.

Control room team

Our main control room is staffed 24 hours a day by security officers who are a contact point for students, staff, visitors and the public.

The Central Alarm Monitoring System (CAMS) is also in the control room. It monitors fire, intruders, personal attacks, the lift system and environmental activation from alarm systems across campus 24/7. 


For your safety, there's prominent CCTV across campus. You'll find it in most of our buildings – including halls – and it's monitored by a team of Security Officers from the campus control room.

ID Cards

You'll get an ID card when you start uni. Most student and staff cards will only work in University buildings during certain hours.

Our Police University Liaison Officer

The University's dedicated liaison officer supports students with any police-related enquiries or issues you have on campus.

Police Constable (PC) Clare Parry is an experienced police officer, who has worked extensively with victims of crime and in the community.

You can meet with Clare by dropping into her weekly ‘surgeries’ at the University Library every Thursday lunchtime from 12.00pm - 1.00pm.

She can also be contacted by email at or by phone on +44 (0) 7392 289 776. 

PC Clare Parry

Student Watch

Student Watch is a programme that aims to improve student safety awareness and community relations. A joint initiative with the Hampshire Constabulary, it's open to all University of Portsmouth students as a volunteering opportunity and is a great way to network and build your CV.

Volunteers are a point of contact for students with safety concerns, and they are supported by the University Police Liaison Officer. Being a good neighbour, marking your property, fire safety advice, street sense and protecting your home are other issues tackled by Student Watch.

To get involved, contact the Police University Liaison Officer team for more information.

Tips for staying safe at university

Stay safe in halls, across campus and around the city, and remember to report anything suspicious or unusual to the Safety and Surveillance team. Always follow University notices and signs. 

Stay safe in your halls

  • Close and lock your doors and windows
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance
  • Don't allow strangers into your hall or house

Stay safe on campus

  • Don't leave valuable items on show
  • Mark and record your property
  • Lock your bicycle using a D lock and use cycle storage where possible

Stay safe in the city

  • Walk home safely in a group and on well-lit, busy routes
  • Carry a personal attack alarm, especially if you're out at night
  • Plan in advance how you're going to get home from an evening out
  • Only use well-marked licensed taxis and make a note of the number plate and licence number

Preventing property theft

When you study and live in a busy city, it's essential not to leave your property or possessions unattended. Keep them with you or lock them out of sight. 

You can register your property and get a property marking kit from Immobilise, the UK National Property Register. Mark your property before starting uni to make sure your possessions are protected from the day you arrive.

Keep your property safe over the holidays

If you're heading home for the holidays, don’t forget to leave your term time address safe and secure. Don’t leave any expensive equipment or presents on view from your windows - take valuable items home with you if you can. Make sure the property is secured properly and try not to advertise on social media that everyone has left for Christmas, as this could make your house an easy target for burglars.

If you're establishing or have established a good relationship with your neighbours then you could ask them to keep an eye on your house while you are away – you could give your neighbours your contact details in case of problems.

It's also advisable to take precautions against any cold weather. If you can you may want to set your heating times to come on low for a few hours in the evening. If you have an electric key meter don’t forget to make sure there is enough credit on the meter to cover you whilst you are away.

Bicycle locked securely to railings at University of Portsmouth

Preventing bike theft   

Cycling is a great way to get around our city campus and we have more than 1,500 cycle hoops and racks across campus, including 4 cycle cages that require a student or staff ID to enter.

Read more on cycling around the city and keeping your bike safe on our travel pages.