Ring fenced for Postgrad Prospectus / PG Recruitment

Charles’ Master’s has given him a foundation to pursue his goals as an entrepreneur

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I enjoyed my undergraduate degree at Portsmouth so much that I wanted to come back to continue my studies at postgraduate level. I wanted to learn how to use industry leading software and work with businesses on real world problems.

Choosing Portsmouth

I chose Portsmouth for my undergraduate degree because it has a great alumni community of entrepreneurs and great career support.

I also wanted to live by the water, rather than in a very densely populated city, and the city is student-friendly city and affordable. Coming from Kenya, I didn't want to be overwhelmed with culture shock and thought the atmosphere of a smaller city would make sense for me.

Developing my skills through placement

I started my MSc in Digital Business Management after completing my BA (Hons) in Business Management and Entrepreneurship and spending a year working at Wartsila UK Ltd on placement. The University helped me find the placement and prepare for the interview and subsequent onboarding.

My first degree prepared me for my placement by showing me different aspects of business management and marketing best practices and framework that I used to strategically approach my projects during placement. I even had the opportunity to a Hubspot inbound marketing certificate and qualifications through Google Digital Garage. My responsibilities on my placement extended to other business functions, and so additional skills in accounting and competitor research that I learnt on my course were invaluable to me.

Award-winning work experience

During my undergraduate degree, I received the annual Shaping Portsmouth Award for a University-led consultancy project in which I redesigned the website for Shaping Portsmouth based on research and client requirements. I was delighted to receive the award and see them use our design on their website to this day.

Ring fenced for Postgrad Prospectus / PG Recruitment

The University has helped connect me to people and businesses I've had the pleasure of working with. This has given me invaluable work experience, clarified my vision and established a professional foundation I can continue to build on in my career.

Charles Oduk II, MSc Digital Business Management

Pursuing innovation and entrepreneurship in business

With my Master's, I want to build on my work experience by enhancing my understanding of industry-leading systems applications and products (SAP) and digital innovations. I also want to focus on leadership and how technology can operate in the businesses of the future.

Through my postgraduate studies I've learnt how to analyse the market, visualise data and manage projects effectively. I'm currently completing a project on useful ways of presenting data. My goal is to gain more work experience in digital transformation and eventually establish a career in business development and analytics, working for businesses to innovate and drive digitalisation. I want to better understand how to manage operations from tactical, operational and strategic organisational levels. I have long term aspirations of pursuing entrepreneurship from this foundation.

While studying, I work part-time for the University as an international student and postgraduate ambassador, which gives me the chance to give back to the University while working remotely. Outside of my studies, I enjoy reading, journaling and walking my dog.

I'd highly recommend you to study at Portsmouth. There are many opportunities to network and meet people or businesses from diverse industries. You can also benefit from the additional University support with course material and supplementary courses like learning a second language.