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28 June – 2 July 2021 | Register now

Whatever your passion, we'll help you go further at Begin Your Future and our Open Day

Choosing a uni is a life-changing decision. So it can feel daunting. But we can help with that.

The road to university is often filled with questions. So let us give you the answers at our week-long online festival. Get the information and insight you need, wherever you are.

Begin Your Future is an open invitation to open minds. We’re here to help you see uni as more than something you join: it’s a community you can add to and enrich. So much is possible when you make the right choice. You’ll share ideas and watch them grow. Make the most of your strengths and the things that make you unique. Maybe even challenge how the world thinks.

Together we’ll explore all parts of the UCAS process and delve deeper into the subjects you're passionate about. You can chat to students and lecturers about the big and exciting questions. Discover life as a student in Portsmouth. And find out how to get the best from your degree and your future: whatever ‘best’ means to you.

Book your place now and we'll also save you a place on our Open Day that takes place midway through the week, so you can choose to get even more help to make your big decision. Then let the summer vibe shift towards feelings of mindfulness, reflection and your bright future.

Begin Your Future x Open Day
Get a flexible guide to uni, 28 June – 2 July 2021

We know you've got big goals. So let's make this a summer to remember. Discover all the hidden gems that make up this vibrant city students love so much. Explore courses, get help with your UCAS application, hear from students and lecturers and see what it’s like to study at uni. Your road to discovery starts at Begin Your Future.


At Begin Your Future, you'll:

  • Get the latest tips and advice on things like applying to uni and kick-starting your career after uni – and everything in between
  • Virtually tour our campus, halls of residence, facilities and island city at our Open Day
  • Break down the UCAS process and learn about studying your favourite subjects as a degree
  • Chat to current students in live Q&A sessions, and ask them your questions on student life, accommodation and anything else
  • Find all the facts, figures and support related to student finance
  • Investigate 140 student-led activities and societies and get social with the Student's Union team at Portsmouth
  • Discover your inner zen in wellbeing and mental health sessions with inspirational speakers
  • Learn how to make the most of your summer and look at things like degree apprenticeships
  • Be able to invite your parents and supports, with special evening sessions and hub just for them

Begin Your Future programme

Here’s what's coming up and when. Just a reminder that you'll get access to our Virtual Open Day when you sign up. Catch all the sessions live or watch them on demand afterwards – wherever and whenever you want to. This is your flexible guide to uni.

Parent and Supporter Hub

Begin Your Future is not just for students. Our special 'Parent and Supporter Hub' and evening sessions explore all the important decision-making stages. Help your child take the right steps for them, every time.

Save your place

Day 1 – Monday 28 June 2021

Welcome to Begin Your Future. Get an intro to the event and learn how to make the most of each session.

Going to university is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life. You may choose to go to boost your career prospects, make new friends or to study something you love.

Wherever you’re at with your thinking, we’ll help you look at the benefits of getting a degree and the opportunities you'll get at uni. So you can make the right decision for your future.

Your best begins on a vibrant island city, in one of the most affordable places to live for students. Where flexible study is built around your needs. Where you’ll have outstanding personal support, industry links and TEF gold-rated teaching. Thinking about choosing us? Find out everything you need to know here.

If you're thinking about going to uni, you'll need to choose where and what to study. We'd obviously love you to choose Portsmouth, but we'd rather you made a decision that's right for you.

Join us for helpful hints on how to choose a subject, course type and narrow down a place to study – even if you're pretty sure you know the answers to these questions, there's no harm in double checking you're happy with your choices, right?

A big part of your journey to uni is meeting current students to find out all about the place you’ll call home.

This session is your chance to ask our students your questions. This could be about a course you're interested in, the city of Portsmouth, moving away from home – and/or whatever you want to know about uni. Our students know best.

Want to earn a salary while you get your Bachelor's degree, without paying tuition fees?

Degree apprenticeships allow you to work as an employee while you study part time. They combine academic study from a traditional university degree with practical on-the-job experience and employment skills you need for a successful career.

Learn more about them in this talk, including entry requirements, how to apply and what degree apprenticeships you can do.

Funding your studies is one of the biggest things you need to sort before you start a Bachelor’s degree or other undergraduate course.

Find out everything you need to know about paying for uni, including the different fees, loans and repayments.

The transition from school or college to university can feel like a big change – and you'll want to support a young person every step of the way.

Whether you're new to this journey or just need a refresher, this session will give you an introduction to what's involved, the benefits of studying, key dates in the calendar, UCAS applications and guiding a young person through the process.

Virtual Open Days are a great way to explore campuses, facilities, courses and teaching – wherever you are in the world. With our Virtual Open Days taking place as part of this 'Begin Your Future' event, we're here to help you prepare for them – and any others that you've got in the diary.

From the questions to consider, to the research recommended before any sessions begin, this is how you can make the experience work for any young person you're supporting.

Day 2 – Tuesday 29 June 2021

Virtual Open Days can be just as useful and exciting as going to the real thing, if you prepare right. ith our Virtual Open Days taking place as part of this 'Begin Your Future' event, we're here to help you prepare for them – and any others that you've got in the diary.

From the questions to ask, to the research recommended before any sessions begin, this is how you can make the experience work for you.

Whether you’re thinking about applying or have already received an offer, Open Days let you find out about all aspects of university life, including the courses you might want to study.

Our ambassadors were in the same position as you just a short time ago – check out their top tips on how to get most out of your Open Day visits.

Your personal statement is uniquely yours. It's the story you tell when you apply to uni. It shows your chosen universities why you're the perfect candidate for a course.

But writing it isn't easy. We've packed together tips and tricks to help you plan, structure and write a personal statement that captures who you are. Join us to explore all the dos, don'ts, see good and bad examples and write something that reflects you as an individual.

Looking for some writer’s inspiration? We’ve got your back. There are online resources you can use right now to identify your knowledge and experience – or for shaping and building your knowledge.

One of those is our new Personal Statement Hub. Find out how you can use it to watch videos, explore top tips, download help sheets and get your drafts checked by our expert team.

Your journey to Portsmouth starts here. Take your first steps towards the experience of a lifetime with us.

Get ready to explore our island city, student life and the University at tomorrow’s Virtual Open Day. This session will show you what to expect and how to get the most out of the experience.

Get to grips with facts and figures. For parents and supporters: this 45 minute session will help you learn about the costs of university, including when payments happen, the different fees and what support is available, including things like scholarships and bursaries.

Open Day – Wednesday 30 June 2021

As part of 'Begin Your Future', you'll be able to explore Portsmouth at our online Open Day.

Get ready to:

  • Tour our campus, facilities and halls of residence
  • Speak with lecturers and chat with our students
  • Get information about where to live, how to fund your studies and which clubs and societies to join

Time: All day.

Day 4 – Thursday 1 July 2021

Want to learn about the UCAS process and how to make an outstanding application? You're not alone. 

From using UCAS to accepting an offer on your chosen course and how to prepare – we'll guide through all things UCAS related.

There's plenty to think about when you start university – and preparing properly for such a big moment in your life can make all the difference.

Let's explore the student support services you can use, making new friends, what it’s like to live in halls and how to settle into life at uni.

Universities will be looking for examples of work experience, independent research projects and/or extra reading around your subject area of interest. But don’t worry if you’re a little light in this area, because there’s a long summer break at the end of year 12.

Find out how you can spend that time wisely to strengthen your application and all-round knowledge.

Your best days are ahead of you. From the fun aspect of uni to the important support you'll need throughout your undergrad life, Portsmouth's Student Union will be there for you.

Discover 140 student-led social clubs you can get involved in, exciting events and the support available in this session.

Missed Monday's session? Don't worry, here's another chance to chat to current students about anything uni related.

Come along to find out about life at Portsmouth, budgeting, student accommodation, courses, living away from home and/or your preparations for uni. Ask your questions, or simply listen in to get the inside scoop.

It's true that university can be overwhelming at times. But with the right preparation, and by knowing what support is available, you can support your child through those first-day nerves, or the nail-biting wait for exam results.

Let's explore everything from the health and wellbeing support they can access, to budgeting, living alone or in shared accommodation, cooking and using a washing machine.

Day 5 – Friday 2 July 2021

Whether you know what you want to do after university, or you’re open to all possibilities, the key is to look at your options.

Our special guest speaker Bianca Miller-Cole is an award-winning entrepreneur with the belief that all individuals should be able to access personal development services.

Bianca will guide you through career services and preparing for your dream job – including the different careers and opportunities in the job market, roles and responsibilities, and the transferrable skills you'll develop from your degree.

Nick Elston is one of the highest-profile and leading inspirational speakers on the 'lived experience of mental health.'

In a difficult year, Nick's life philosophy is that we can either let our adversities, define us negatively for the rest of our lives, or choose forge them into something beautiful and powerful – something that never would have existed without you going through your ‘stuff’ in the first place.

Nick shares his experiences of mental illness, Mental Ill-Health & Breakdown worldwide – through his powerful, inspiring, engaging and emotional talk.

If you need a helping hand at uni, you'll be covered. Most universities will have a whole raft of student support services run by highly experienced teams. Whether you need one-to-one study support, personalised money advice, holistic health and wellbeing info or emergency contact numbers, here's where you can access that support.

We find ourselves in an unpredictable and unsettling time. So let's take a moment to rebalance. This session explores the techniques, tips and tricks for managing stress. Build your resilience, move through anxious moments and refocus on the things that matter most to you.

We know when it comes to choosing a university, you'll look beyond our courses, rankings and facilities. Because when you choose a place to study, you're also picking a place to live, work and play.

Our student ambassadors will help you discover life as a student in Portsmouth – from where to go and what to see, to useful advice for settling in.

What's a normal week like for a student?

Step into the shoes of a student with student blogger Tati Kapaya, as she takes you through her day-to-day life at uni.

As well as your study costs, you'll also need enough cash to support yourself while you’re at uni. This is your survival guide. We're here to help you with tips and ideas on budgeting, living off your student loan and working part-time.

Check out our advice to budgeting at university and find out why Portsmouth is one of the most affordable university cities in the UK.

On demand talks and sessions

All of our sessions and student takeovers from Begin Your Future will be recorded and made available for you to catch up with on demand, around the clock.

So don't worry if a particular talk clashes with something you're doing, you'll still be able to catch up on what you've missed.

Watch our 3 minute welcome video to find out how to access all the scheduled talks, information booths containing useful tip sheets and videos, how to ask us your questions and to see where the recorded sessions are located.

Portsmouth is a great place to live and study. Get ready to hear from someone like you, as our students share their reasons for making Portsmouth their home.

Explore our campus and city with our virtual guided tour and get a taste for undergrad life in Portsmouth.

University is an opportunity for your child to be independent, but it’s only natural to want to support them – even if they don’t tell you they need your help. Find our evening sessions from Begin Your Future in the parent and supporter hub, shortly after they stream live, covering things like student finance, Open Days and preparing for uni.

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