You have a right to make a complaint if you apply to study with us and feel that your application was handled unfairly. You can complain if you applied to study an undergraduate or postgraduate degree full time, part time, by distance learning or on campus.

We monitor complaints made about applications. The outcomes of these complaints can lead to changes to our admissions policy and procedure.

Before you make a complaint

You should discuss your concerns informally with the relevant member of staff before you register a complaint.

What you can complain about

You can complain about concerns in your application process including:

  • how your application was handled
  • not being offered a place
  • your fee classification or assessment

If you haven't been offered a place

If your complaint is about how your application was handled, not receiving an offer to study with us or you have new evidence to change our decision, you should contact us for feedback on your application before making a complaint.

You can't complain about not receiving an offer to study with us if you don't meet non-academic requirements such as professional experience or relevant health requirements.

Fee classifications and assessment

If your complaint is about the fee classification you've been awarded you should contact

Studying with a partner institution

If you applied to study a course at one of our partner institutions you need to raise your complaint with the relevant institution and follow their complaints procedure.

Making a complaint

To register a complaint you should contact us at You should include:

  • the background of your complaint
  • any informal attempts you have made to resolve the complaint and the member of staff you discussed the matter with
  • why the result of the informal attempt is not satisfactory
  • the desired outcome of your complaint

We'll decide whether an investigation is necessary based on your evidence. If we feel that you haven't exhausted the informal complaints procedure or that you don't like your application decision but there are no grounds for changing the decision, we may decide not to investigate your complaint. If this is the case you'll be told within 10 working days of the receipt of your complaint.

If you complete the informal process after this decision and still feel your complaint hasn't been dealt with appropriately, you may be able submit a formal complaint.

Making an anonymous complaint

We can't usually accept anonymous complaints because these can't be investigated properly. A person who is complained about has a right to know what is alleged about them and who is making the complaint. You won't be disadvantaged for making a genuine complaint.

Investigating your complaint

If we decide that a formal investigation is necessary the investigation will be carried out by the head of the department or school that you applied to, or the Academic Registrar in cases of fee appeals. This will be completed within 30 working days once your complaint is referred to that individual.

A written complaint will be sent to the person or people who are the subject of the complaint and may be sent to the head of relevant department or school. We expect documents produced by the complaint and following investigation to remain confidential to the those involved in the complaint.

You will receive a written report of findings after the investigation, which may include recommended actions to resolve your complaint. The decision of the head of department or school or the Academic Registrar is final.

If the report contains actions for us a member of staff will be selected to look at the recommendations. They will do this within 10 days of receiving the report. They will decide whether to follow the recommendations or take other actions to remedy the complaint. You will be sent a letter outlining the decision and this will close the complaint.

We will pay reasonable expenses incurred in making the complaint of up to £50. This could include travel costs to attend an interview about the complaint. You will need to provide receipts as evidence of the costs.

Withdrawing your complaint

You may withdraw your complaint at any time. This will close the complaint.

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