Our Metrology laboratory is where our students, researchers, and partners work to understand and practise metrology, which is the science of measurement.

Undergraduate students on our BEng (Hons) Mechanical and Manufacturing EngineeringBEng (Hons)/MEng Mechanical Engineering and BSc (Hons) Product Design and Innovation courses make use of the laboratory during their studies – while our researchers and partner organisations, such as Pall Europe, use the lab for projects in construction, mechanical and manufacturing engineering.

Student holds rock in the metrology lab
Student uses laser cutter in the metrology lab


As well as manual metrology devices, the lab offers the following equipment, which can be used by students with the support of our specialist technical staff:


  • One large and one smaller coordinate measuring machine, which measure the geometry of physical objects by sensing points on their surface in response to a user-operated probe
  • One contour and surface roughness measuring machine, which uses needle contact with the surface of an object to generate data for measurement purposes
  • 3D laser scanners, which link to software to convert the shape of physical objects into virtual models. A recent project involved the use of one of the lab's 3D laser scanners to generate a highly detailed blueprint of an original prosthetic arm, allowing the precise, cost-effective production of replica limbs.

Technicians and research fellows are also available to help undergraduate students write computer programmes to scan and measure objects for their projects.

Where to find us

Metrology Laboratory

Anglesea Building (Room 0.25)
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