Nanotechnology involves the construction of materials as small as a billionth of a metre – the same scale as atoms and molecules.

Nanomaterials are changing the world a paradigm shift in our modern technological development, achieving smaller, smarter, faster and cheaper applications.

Alongside academic research, the Nanomaterials Laboratory is also used by MPhys and PhD Physics students, plus those in the final year of their BSc (Hons) Physics course.


  • Multi-Physics 3 Tesla cryogenic instrument that combines Vibrating Sample magnetometer (VSM), Magneto-transport and Caloric properties at temperatures that can reach as low as 1.6 Kelvins (-272 Celsius) and up to 700 Celsius
  • aixACT TF Analyser 200 Piezoelectric Tester — used for DC or AC high speed testing of electro ceramic materials at bulk and nano-thin film scales, under variable temperatures and applied voltages up to 10,000V
  • Coulter N4 Particle Sizer / Dynamic Light Scattering — used to measure particle size by the rate of fluctuations in laser light.
  • Full ceramics fabrication line including Nanostructured powder Ball Mixing machine, furnace and hydraulic press
  • Preparation and cleaning equipment for samples to be tested including ultrasonic bath and spin coater
  • Magneto-optic Kerr effect laser system – used to test non-contact, non-destructive magnetic properties in nano-thin films.

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Nanomaterials Laboratory

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