Our Pharmaceutics laboratories are at the heart of the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, helping students develop a better understanding of the causes and consequences of diseases, and the skills and expertise needed to develop and test new drugs.

Students on our BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, BSc (Hons) Pharmacology, MPharm (Hons) Pharmacy, MSc Medical Biotechnology and MRes Science courses make regular use of the laboratories. There's also a thriving postgraduate research programme in the labs, and they're used throughout the year by PhD researchers from around the world.

Pharmacology students experimenting with syringe in lab
Close up of pharmacology student experimenting with different liquids

Our Pharmaceutics lab is part of our School of Pharmacy and Biomedicine

Learn more about the our Pharmaceutics lab and the other facilities available within our School.

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Students and staff at the School of Pharmacy and Biomedicine talk about the outstanding facilities they have to use during their research and studies.


The facilities here at the University of Portsmouth are really cutting edge. We have a lot of technology and lots of hands on equipment that get you ready for when you go out into the working world. We do some collaborative learning that’s involving things like collaborative microscopy, putting microscopic images on big screens and getting them to talk about them and understand what they mean.

We have the mannequins so we can treat them and we have heads so you can look in otoscopes. We offer inhaler techniques so they can explain to patients how to use their asthma inhalers. We give them the option to practice blood pressure monitoring, we have simulated arms and the students practice the use of blood pressure monitors on those arms.

When they’re safe and competent they can do it on each other. In every unit we have a practical or an experiment that we do. All of the lecturers make sure that the experiments that we do will give us some kind of skill, that they know we can use later on in a different area of our career.

We give students the opportunity to have a practical engagement in addition to undertaking the theory behind it.


Facilities and equipment include:

  • Tissue culture laboratories handling various cell and tissue types/species
  • BD Biosciences FACs calibur flow cytometers
  • Electric Cell-substrate Impedence Sensing ECIS 1600R

Histology equipment in the labs include:

  • Automatic tissue processor
  • Leica Cryostats
  • Leica Microtomes
  • Leica Vibratome
  • Leica Wax embedders
  • Microscopes such as:
  • Zeiss 710 LSM confocal
  • Zeiss 880 LSM confocal
  • Zeiss LIve Cell imaging microscope
  • Zeiss LSM 5 Pascal Exciter Axio SKO P2 FS (Calcium imaging microscope)
  • Leica Ariol Microscope system
  • Axio Vert A1 Imaging System
  • Evos FL Auto live cell imaging microscope
  • Inverted microscopes
  • Fluorescence microscope
  • Fluorescence microscope

Molecular Biology equipment in the labs includes:

  • Microtitre plate readers
  • PCR machines
  • Gel Doc systems
  • Biorad ChemiDoc system
  • Western blot equipment
  • Sorval Ultracentrifuge

Facilities and equipment:

  • Zeiss LSM 5 Pascal Exciter Axio SKO P2 FS (Calcium imaging microscope)
  • Various electrophysiology rigs
  • ADI Instrumentation, physiological and pharmacological recording equipment
  • Hitachi Ultracentrifuge
  • Tissue culture laboratory

Molecular Biology equipment such as:

  • PCR machines
  • qPCR machine
  • Western blot equipment

Facilities and equipment:

  • JEOL 400Mhz NMR
  • Sympatec Helos Particle Sizer
  • Advanced Rheometer 2000
  • Various HPLCs
  • Agilent GCMS
  • Waters GPC2000
  • Thermo Scientific iCE 3500GFAAS Atomic Absorption equipment
  • Varian FTIR
  • FTIR-ATR Nicolet
  • FTIR Raman unit
  • FTIR Microscope
  • Nanosight NTA
  • Zetasizer + titrator
  • Lambda 650 Uvvis Diffuse
  • Contact Goniometer G10
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Electrosprayer
  • Speedvac concentrator savant
  • 3D Bioprinter
  • UV spectrophotometers
  • Rotary evaporators

Facilities and equipment:

  • Varian fluorescence spectrophotometer
  • Electrophoresis kits
  • Western blot equipment
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Anaerobic cabinets
  • Category 1 and 2 lab facilities

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