Staff and students use our Advanced Physical and Meteorological Laboratories for teaching, supervised practicals, dissertation work and research activities.

The labs are used by BSc Geography, MSc Geographical Information Systems, MSc Coastal and Marine Resource Management students all supported by a full-time specialist technician.

Advanced Physical Laboratory

  • Specialist analytical equipment, including a Malvern MS3000 laser particle size analyser, which is used in physical geography, geology and biology studies
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer and FT-IR spectrometer - a technique for analysing materials against a database of known materials to identify them. This equipment is currently being used to identify the source of micro-plastics found on beaches and in the sea
  • Laboratory equipment for analysis and preparation, such as a fume hood, microscopes, furnaces and ovens
  • Model simulation facilities including a rainfall simulator, to model rain-splash erosion, and a flume with a 2-metre standard tilting flow channel to model river and other hydrological processes

Meteorology Laboratory

  • Two automatic weather stations (Campbell Scientific), in operation on the roof since 1995, providing meteorological data
  • Older UK meteorological data stored in hard copy form
  • Specialist PCs supporting unique software

Where to find us

Physical Geography and Meteorology Laboratories

Buckingham Building
Lion Terrace

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