Telecommunications is the transmission of information using electrical and electromagnetic tools such as wire, radio and light. The information can be signs, signals, messages, words, images and sounds, all transmitted through technology like telegraph, radio, microwaves and fibre optic cabling.

Students use our telecomms facilities for generating, receiving and analysing high-frequency signals through different filters and boards in both digital and analogue settings.

Our cabinet of 90 pre-built circuit and radio boards helps students learn core telecommunications principles by studying older technologies, to understand how each component works together. Students can also build and test different circuit boards to see how their designs impact frequencies, and develop the knowledge and skills required within the telecommunications industry.

We also conduct research in the laboratory with industry partners, which has led to the creation of practical business solutions such as antennae design and construction, and frequency testing for prototype products.

Male student in the telecommunications lab

Our students use the lab to develop the skills and knowledge required for a career in telecommunications

Equipment and rooms 

  • Power supplies and function generators
  • Signal generators — used to generate signals and wave patterns for analysis
  • Spectrum analysers — used to measure wave frequency against time in communication bands up to 22GHz, with a focus on 3G frequencies
  • Oscilloscopes — used to measure the amplitude of wave patterns against time
  • Workbenches — for constructing components, circuit boards and microcontrollers
  • Analogue workrooms — for working with high powered radio equipment
  • Anechoic chamber — similar to a soundproof room which is used for measuring antenna and electronic circuit boards that can be interconnected to form different communications systems
  • Analogue study space — with setups for 20 students to practice and learn about the core theories and principles of telecommunications
  • Professional hardware and software programming and testing VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL) environments for Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices

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