When you develop an application, the Usability Lab is the place to test how easy-to-use and accessible it is to potential users.

The lab is split into two sections, separated by one-way glass. Test subjects see a mirror – behind which you can observe them as they interact with your application. You'll see how their experience unfolds, without them being influenced by your presence.

The laboratory's eye-tracking equipment enables you to examine whether your test subject is looking where you'd expect them to look when interacting with the application. You can then use the results of your experiments to make your application easier to use.

The facility is open to students of all levels, from first year undergraduates to postgraduate researchers, but booking in advance is necessary to guarantee access to the equipment that you need.


  • TOBII eye-tracking systems, which replicate the setup used in the industry, including 1 desktop kit, and 2 mobile kits

Where to find us

Usability Laboratory

Ground floor
Buckingham Building
Lion Terrace