Our Bloomberg Suite mirrors the system used by 250,000 professionals in the financial services.

Students can monitor and analyse real-time financial market data and place trades on the Bloomberg electronic trading platform, and experience the changing world of commerce as it happens — accessing the same data, analytics and software used by international traders, and learning the skills and knowledge they need to work in the finance industry.

Student monitoring data on Bloomberg suite software

Students access data from the world's global financial markets and gain experience using industry standard software in our Bloomberg Suite

Bloomberg suite features

  • 20 PCs running Bloomberg and SDC Platinum software
  • Access to the international market place
  • Ability to make mock transactions
  • Software to track real-time transactions
  • Secure and soundproof room

Discover our Bloomberg Suite

Students on courses including economics, accounting, mathematics and finance can monitor and analyse real-time financial data in our Bloomberg Suite.

A Bloomberg terminal is something that is used by professional economists often in a financial related role and it shows live prices of things like equity shares or stocks or currency fluctuations. As a university we have access to this, just slightly delayed so we can’t actually gamble any money on it, but it shows students the real world application, what is going on right this second and we can use that data to directly add some value on to the theory that we teach so we can find out information about stocks and shares, about businesses but also trades and commodities.

This is a real benefit for students when they graduate, mainly because they are able to see economics live in action now but also the job that the students might be going to might actually be using some of this software so they are already familiar and they would already have that Bloomberg certificate to show that.

Where to find us

Bloomberg suite

Richmond Building
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