The Business Simulation Suite is a flexible technologically-enhanced learning facility. The room contains sliding partitions that can quickly transform the suite into a mock boardroom, a classroom, or a room for practising speech and presentation skills.

The room has a podium and wall-mounted monitors for recording and playback, as well as locker access to 30 laptops. The suite seats up to 32 people depending on the room arrangement.

Take a 360 tour of the suite

We are aware that this H5P component is not fully accessible.  If you would like a copy of this item, please email Please also refer to our Accessibility Statement

A monitoring room, with one-way-mirror, is connected so lecturers or assessors can view students giving presentations or chairing meetings. This allows for less intrusive recording for later playback.

Attached to the suite is a soundproof room, with furniture arranged to replicate a standard interview room, in which students can practice job interviews and meetings.

A virtual reality headset is available, which puts whoever is wearing it into an artificial environment with a prerecorded audience. There's also a small observation room where assessors can observe the activities in the suite while remaining out of sight.


In the Business Simulation Suite, you'll find resources and facilities including: 

  • Observation room
  • Interview room
  • 30 laptops
  • Partition walls
  • Podium
  • Movable Tables
  • Wall-mounted monitors
  • Virtual reality headset with audience video
  • Seating for up to 32

Where to find us

Business Simulation Suite

Room 2.03
Richmond Building
Portland Street