Life drawing is the art of drawing a living person, and our Life Drawing Studio is a space for students, academics and the public to practise their drawing skills for their coursework, projects, or as a hobby.

The studio is often used by students in our games animation and illustration courses to practise their still life and life drawing skills, and to study physiology. Our experienced drawing teachers guide students in their drawing modules, working individually and in teams within the space. Students are also able to order specific materials ahead of time for their classes and sessions.

Our studio is open until 12am three nights a week during certain periods and bookable by students to work unsupervised. Our skills tutors offer sessions for students of differing levels of expertise, and they also run evening drawing classes open to the public.


  • 20x canvas easels — to run maximum classes of 20 students at a time
  • Elevated platform — for our subjects to be easily viewable
  • Full skeleton and an assortment of bones — for practising bone structure and body mechanics
  • Overhead artificial lights and large open windows with adjustable blinds — to study and draw subjects in different lighting situations
  • Projector used to assist drawing classes — for either guidance
  • Sound system — for expressive drawing sessions

Using this facility

Our studio runs on a timetable with courses and teaching taking priority. Students looking to use the space can book it through the Eldon Reception team:

The space is open until 12am Tuesday–Thursday during semester time.

Where to find us

Life Drawing Studio
Eldon Building
Winston Churchill Avenue