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Step into VR and virtual production

Location: Eldon Building

Our trailblazing Motion Capture Studio uses a variety of motion capture systems to deliver a professional experience to our students, as well as filmmakers and commercial clients from outside the University.

The studio is used by students in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries and has everything needed for virtual production and virtual reality (VR) in visual effects (VFX), gaming, and the arts.

A key role of our studio is providing industry-relevant experience to our students during their studies—and our alumni have worked globally in the motion capture industry for companies such as Rockstar Games, Vicon, Imaginarium Studios, and Weta Digital.

AED - Feb 23

Motion capture equipment and amenities

  • Optical passive Shogun system, comprising 48x Vicon Vantage cameras for capturing high-fidelity animation
  • 40-camera Vicon Origin active system, for quick setup and streaming of animation into location-based virtual reality experiences and training simulations
  • Assorted inertial motion capture wearables, including XSens suits and StretchSense gloves
Staff member assisting student with motion capture suit.
B Roll Day 3

Performance capture equipment and amenities

  • Capture space with 90 square metres volume and five metres height
  • A set of four Dynamixyz facial capture head-mounted cameras
  • High-quality wireless Sennheiser microphones
  • Acoustic dampening walls for optimal audio recording
  • Four video reference cameras
  • Five large preview monitors
  • Gallery desk with five powerful dual monitors
  • An extensive selection of mocap suits
  • Specially adapted shoes in various sizes for actors to wear

Where to find us

Motion Capture Studio 
Eldon Building 
Winston Churchill Avenue