This facility consists of two separate areas: the Student Workshop and the Advanced Manufacturing Lab.

They're each equipped to tackle different manufacturing jobs. You'll use these facilities to complete Engineering Technology Appreciation (ETA) assignments and project activities.

Student Workshop

The Student Workshop is equipped to help you complete basic fabrication tasks.

You don't need as much training or supervision to use the tools in this facility, unlike some of our other labs like the Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery used by technicians in the Advanced Manufacturing Lab.

Male student uses sawing tool in workshop

Machinery and tools you can use in the workshop include:

  • Band saws
  • Scroll saws
  • Drills
  • Moulding tools
  • Laser cutter
Male student using drilling tool in workshop
Close up of student hands building wood model in workshop

Advanced Manufacturing Lab

The machines in the Advanced Manufacturing Lab are complicated to use and very expensive (starting at around £70,000), so this facility is not for general student use. You can ask technicians to undertake work on your behalf though.

A lot of one-offs and prototypes are made in the Advanced Manufacturing Lab. It's also used for research work and for making parts for the Formula Student Project.

Machinery in this lab includes a CNC lathe and CNC mill. Technicians use techniques in this lab such as thread cutting, helical milling and wire erosion on all materials up to a metal grade.

Where to find us

Student Workshop and Advanced Manufacturing Lab

Anglesea Building
Anglesea Rd