Our specialist Letterpress, Relief and Intaglio Printmaking facilities are primarily used by students of illustration and graphic design but we welcome any student from the CCI Faculty. The studio accommodates processes such as, Letterpress, Linocut, Etching, Dry point, Collagraph and Mono printing. There is an emphasis on experimental printmaking, encouraging students to explore and challenge these traditional processes.

Students are required to take an induction session run by a member of staff before they can use the facilities. Technical staff are always on hand to help with printing, registering and developing students idea's into print.

Equipment and rooms

Etching Room equipment

  • 2 etching presses — Harry Rochat 30”x52” and Kimber England 18”x30”
  • 1 Intaglio Printmakers press — set up for printing lino cuts
  • Hot plates — to apply resist grounds onto zinc plates
  • Various sized hand rollers — with differing densities to suit the variety of printing processes
  • Oil based inks, additives and traditional sundries
  • Offset lithopress — used for large scale monoprinting
  • Dedicated space for etching plates using the non toxic Edinburgh Etch solution

We also have a paper bath, blotting station, hand printing barens, professional lino and etching tools and 2 hand operated relief nipping presses. 

Letter Press Printmaking equipment

  • Albion press — a hand operated printing press used since 1812 for printing wood type, Lino cuts and other relief processes
  • An extensive collection of traditional metal and wooden letter types — with various decorative ornaments/printers 'flowers'. Some of the typefaces include Gill Sans, Helvetica, Stephenson Blake, Bodoni and Garamond
  • The correct equipment to help you set and register type professionally and accurately
  • A motorised Western Galley proofing press — to create proofs and finished editions
  • 3 Adana printing presses — a small, iconic British-made printing press
  • Various hand tools to help you plan, set and print type

We also have the accessibility to make our own wooden type using the facilities in the Eldon Production Centre.

Where to find us

Etching and letterpress

Eldon Building
Winston Churchill Avenue