Our influence extends far beyond Portsmouth. Discover how we're making a positive impact across the UK and the world.

Benefits to the UK economy

Here are the highlights from 2019/20* of how we made a financial contribution to the UK:

  • Our graduates added £507 million in value to the UK economy as a result of the skills they learnt while studying here
  • We added £1.4 billion to the UK economy
  • Our spending on goods and services supported 980 jobs across the UK
  • We paid 4,129 members of staff a total of £148.1 million – their spending added £90 million in value to the UK economy and supported 2,040 jobs
  • Through capital investment we added £38 million in value and supported 570 jobs in the UK economy
  • We added £16 million in value to the UK economy through our various Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), which translate our student and staff knowledge and research into benefits for industry

*All statistics taken from BiGGAR Economics' University of Portsmouth report, July 2017

Benefits to the world

Our research and innovation is helping to make the planet a better place. These are a few examples of how our work is answering some of the world's pressing issues. Delve further into our research for other projects, or discover our global outlook to explore how we're growing our reputation as an international institution in every corner of the planet.

Could a mutant enzyme solve the planet's plastic problem?

A collaboration between the Centre for Enzyme Innovation, and the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has created a new mutant enzyme that breaks down plastic bottles faster.

Beach with plastic pollution
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Algorithms for wind

Working with a group of researchers, Professor Dylan Jones, is creating algorithms to identify the best locations for offshore wind, improving the efficiency of wind energy from start to finish.

wind turbines
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Independence and violence

Opportunities have been expanding for women across South Asia, and Prof Tamsin Bradley has researched how these changes are affecting the daily lives of South Asian women. Find out more now.

Women's hands on bright clothing
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