I joined Portsmouth in 2001 and started teaching multimedia production, animation and virtual reality at Masters level. Since then, I have become the Director of Postgraduate Programmes for the School of Creative Technologies, overseeing all Masters curriculum development.  I also coordinate the postgraduate research programmes within the School of Creative Technologies.

My research has focused on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for many years, and I currently supervise PhD students in the areas of Virtual Reality, Games and Interactive interfaces.

Postgraduate Research Supervision
Current First Supervisor

•    Ken Pitts (Animation)
•    Terry Carnell (Games)
•    Zaini Kamarol Zaman (Technolgy for Cultural Heritage)
•    Beata-Noemi Balint (Virtual Reality)
•    Dion Willis (Virtual Reality)

Current Second/Third Supervisor
•    Phillip Brown (Virtual Reailty)
•    Charlotte Croucher (Virtual Reality)
•    Chenyang Xie (Visual Communication) 


Completed First Supervisor
•    Peter Howell (Games in 2016) - Disruptive game design: a commercial design and development methodology for supporting player cognitive engagement in digital games
•    Mitu Khandaker (Games in 2015) - An Empirical Exploration of Aesthetic Distance Through Mimetic Interface Design in Videogames
•    Getaneh Alemu (Business Technology Analysis in 2014) - A Theory of Digital Library Metadata: The Emergence of Enriching and Filtering
•    Vaughan Powell (Virtual Reality in 2013) - Visual Properties of Virtual Target Objects: Implications for Reaching and Grasping Tasks in a Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Context
•    Aryel Beck (Animation in 2012) - Perception of Emotional Body Language Displayed by Animated Characters
•    Wendy Powell (Virtual Reality in 2012) - Virtually Walking: Factors Influencing Walking and Perception of Walking in Treadmill-Mediated Virtual Reality to Support Rehabilitation
•    Dan Pinchbeck (Games in 2009)  - Story as a Function of Gameplay in First Person Shooters and an Analysis of FPS Diegetic Content 1998-2007
•    Emily Bennett (Augmented Reality in 2006) - Visual and Haptic Factors That Affect The Projection Augmented Model Illusion
•    Naz Awan (Multimedia in 2006) – Learning From Diagrams in Computer Aided Learning Environments: The Explicit and Implicit Depiction of Motion and its Effect on Accurate and Meaningful Learning.

Completed Second/Third Supervisor

•    Yiming Wang (Visual Analysis in 2018) - Face frontalization for facial expression recognition in the wild
•    Si Qiao (Animation in 2016) - The relationship between three dimensional human cephalic animation, audiences perception and emotional response
•    Peter Nolan (Health Technology in 2016) - Implicit theory domains of technology ability and health related to people with Parkinson's engaging with a speech therapy smartphone application   
•    Yingfeng Fang (Robotics in 2015) - Interacting with Prosthetic Hands via Electromyography Signals
•    Neil Dansey (Games in 2013) - A Grounded Theory of Emergent Benefit in Pervasive Game Experiences
•    Adrian Jones (Business Technology Analysis in 2009) An Industry in Transition: A Participative Investigation into the Process of Change in the Broadcasting Industry

PhD degrees previously examined in:
•    Computer Vision
•    Health Technology

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