Push for fairer, more equitable health and social care for all. Help meet the world’s current and future needs in innovative and meaningful ways.

Health sciences make up the very fabric of society – and our courses can help start your exciting career in the field. 

Treat, control and prevent disease, illness or injury. Support the care and aftercare of vulnerable people. With a degree in Healthcare, Dental Care, Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, you’ll use your values and your compassion to change lives for the better.

Take control of your future at our Taster Day.

At our Health Sciences Taster Day, you'll:

  • Find out what it’s like to study, Healthcare, Pharmacy and Biomedical Science or Dental Care at degree level
  • Check out our links to industry and how to kick-start your career in this rewarding field
  • Use the best equipment and facilities in the sector, such as our phantom head studioPharmaceutics laboratories and Health and Care simulation centre
  • Hear from current students about the hands-on learning you’ll do at Portsmouth
  • Take part in interactive simulations on how to save a life, personalised medicines, airway management and tooth extractions
  • Gain useful experience to talk about in your UCAS personal statement when applying for a Health Science course

    Taster day programme

    Here's what happened at the Health Sciences Taster Day in April 2022. Booking and details on future programmes will be available soon.

    Health Sciences Taster Day

    We're excited to meet you. Check in, grab a refreshment and get ready to learn about studying a degree in Health Sciences at uni.

    Here's our guide to subject taster days, should you want to learn a little more about our taster days before booking.

    We'll meet from 9.45am at St Michael's Building, Portsmouth PO1 2DT.

    When you save your place at the Health Sciences Taster Day, you'll choose the strand of Health Science to get involved in, from:


    Resuscitate. Make cardiac assessments. Save a life. Our Healthcare sessions focus on Paramedic Science, Operating Department Practice and Nursing, so you can learn the fundamentals of how to save someone's life.

    Dental Academy

    Learn about the practical teaching and research activities taking place within our Dental Academy. You'll start building your dental skills using simulation models known as 'phantom heads', and learn about Dental Therapy, Dental Hygiene and Dental Nursing.

    Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

    The human body is an exciting and complex thing. Ever considered how they work when we're feeling good? And what goes wrong when we're feeling poorly? See how Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Biomedical Science is helping to improve the lives' of patients.

    Depending on the strand you choose to explore, you'll get an introduction into studying courses and where you could go with a degree in Healthcare, Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, or our Dental Academy courses.

    Paramedic Science – How to restart a heart (Healthcare)

    You can learn to be a lifesaver. Get a taste of Paramedic Science by learning what to do if you're with someone who has a cardiac arrest.

    Dental Therapy – How to extract a tooth (Dental)

    See how Dental Therapists extract teeth and carry out routine restorative work, and put your skills to the test with our 'phantom head' simulation.

    Pharmacology – Let's make it personal (Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences)

    Understand how medicines work and how they affect the human body as you delve into the new and exciting area of personalised medicine. You'll explore medications, their sources, chemical properties, biological effects and therapeutic uses.

    *You'll attend one of these sessions based on the Health Science subject area you select when you book your place.

    Quick breather. Take stock of the morning then get ready for the next session.

    Operating Department Practice (ODP) – Introduction to airway management (Healthcare)

    Discover how ODPs use specialist equipment to keep people breathing when they can’t do it for themselves.

    Dental Nursing – Impression taking (Dental Academy)

    Find out how dental impressions are taken, and the steps needed to ensure that the appliance or restorative material fits into a patient's mouth and aligns around their teeth and current bite.

    Pharmacy – It ain't easy being wheezy (Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences)

    Understand the treatments available for patients with asthma, learn about the different inhalers used by asthma patients and explore the advice Pharmacists give around the appropriate use of medicines.

    *You'll attend one of these sessions based on the Health Science subject area you select when you book your place.

    Fuel-up. Feel free to bring your own lunch for the day or grab something from the cafeteria.

    Nursing – Taking a pulse (Healthcare)

    Pulse assessment is a key element of healthcare and is used to indicate a patient's health status. Learn how nurses keep track of how your heart is doing in this session.

    Dental Hygiene – Manipulating dental materials (Dental Academy)

    Discover how Dental Hygienists use ceramics, metals and implants on patients, including their purpose, composition and manipulation.

    Biomedical Science – Patient case study: Bashir (Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences)

    Work with our Biomedical Scientists to diagnose a patient (Bashir) with a medical problem. You'll consider the samples (for example, blood) that will be collected from Bashir and the laboratory investigation that is performed.

    *You'll attend one of these sessions based on the Health Science subject area you select when you book your place.

    Chat to lecturers and students and ask your questions. This could be about different subjects, the transition from college to uni, any of the talks you've watched so far, the city of Portsmouth, moving away from home – and/or anything you want to know about university.

    Choosing to go to uni and what course to study is a life-changing decision. So it can feel daunting. But we can help with that.

    Get your hands on the latest advice to help you get started with university and learn how to research courses, prepare for your UCAS personal statement and ace your interviews.