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Training and development

Find out how we're preparing the next generation of research staff, through our researcher development programme

Our strategy puts the development of our researchers – and anyone who supports, manages or helps to deliver our strategy – at the centre of what we do.

It's in our stated objectives to develop internationally recognised research and innovation staff, to nurture our postgraduate researchers to become the next generation of research and innovation leaders, and to create a research culture that stimulates, supports and rewards excellence.

And what we're doing is working – we've won the Human Resources Excellence in Research Award, given to organisations with a robust strategy for improving the career development and management of their researchers.

If you're a researcher or a member of staff whose work supports our Research and Innovation strategy, we provide the support, mentoring, funding and project opportunities you need to develop your career effectively, through our Research and Innovation staff development programme.

Whether you're interested in how to use social media to promote your research, have questions about the intellectual property of your work, or want advice on progressing your research career, the Research and Innovation staff development programme can give you the tools to succeed.

Through the workshops, information sessions and networking events we offer, you can gain the professional and career skills you need to win grants and produce successful, high-quality publications that generate real impact. You'll also have access to international networking, collaboration and exchange opportunities that could extend the reach and profile of your work, and enhance its progress.

Additional support for researchers

We also offer mentoring in many research areas – for more information, please contact the research staff in your school, department or faculty.

Research staff on contracts can also access 1-2-1 coaching to discuss their development or career plans – for more information, please email

If you’re looking to develop your research into a startup or business venture, you can get mentoring and support from our Entrepreneurs in Residence programme. The entrepreneurs are senior level executives with experience in developing businesses.