Colourful plastic chairs at metal tables on street

Engineering smarter, cleaner manufacturing solutions

Reducing environmental impact of manufacturing

Our researchers in the Advanced Polymers and Composites (APC) Research Group work to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing by developing engineering solutions that are smarter, cleaner and sustainable.

Our FLOWER project – Flax composites, LOW weight, End of life, and Recycling – is our latest initiative. Working with partners in the UK and France, we're helping to reduce reliance on plastics by developing bio-composite materials for use in the automotive, advertising and yachting industries.


In our work to develop sustainable alternatives to plastics, we specialise in:

  • analysis
  • characterisation
  • formulation
  • manufacturing
  • design
  • modelling
  • rapid prototyping
  • 3-D printing
  • testing
  • repair
  • structural integrity
  • application

Funding and collaborations

Partnerships are key to our success. We work closely with industry stakeholders to apply our expertise across sectors such as aerospace, maritime, automotive, construction, food and other manufacturing industries.

Our research receives funding from external sources, including InnovateUK and Interreg Europe.


Our expertise spans areas including sustainable composites, bio-composites and nano-composites, lean manufacturing, resource conservation, materials testing, sustainable polymers, thermoplastics, polymer durability and degradation, sustainable construction materials, and geo-environmental engineering.