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Explore Portsmouth's rich literary heritage and contemporary literature scene

The Portsmouth Literary Map project celebrates Portsmouth as a current and historical city of literature, through an interactive map and ongoing blog.  The project is led by Mark Frost and Maggie Bowers of the English Literature team, working with local community organisations such as Portsmouth Libraries and Visit Portsmouth to promote literary Portsmouth through collaborative projects and public events.

You can use the Portsmouth Literary Map app to explore and uncover the city's connections with historical and living authors, on your mobile, tablet or computer. You'll find information and quotations from literary works connected to specific locations in and around the city, alongside notable quotations about the city in general. Key writers include Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, Olivia Manning, Simon Armitage, Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Meades, Michelle Magorian, and Maggie Sawkins.

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The map has been built by researchers in English Literature, History, and Creative Writing, working with interested local organisations and individuals. It's in a constant state of expansion, planning to move beyond the borders of the city and to explore literary Hampshire.

We're also publishing longer pieces on the literary scene on the Writing Literary Portsmouth blog, showcasing the city's remarkable literary pedigree and its thriving literary community. 

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For more information about the project, please contact Dr Mark Frost, Director of the Portsmouth Literary Map: mark.frost@port.ac.uk.