MA Photography portfolio guide

How to put together a portfolio for your course

You'll need this guide if you're applying to MA Photography.

What to include in your portfolio

As applicants are from many different backgrounds, we don’t prescribe an ideal portfolio. However, the examples of your work should demonstrate an ability and aptitude towards photography at an advanced level.

Examples can include:

  • photography
  • image and text
  • photo books
  • moving image
  • projected work
  • installation or 3D work

Please supply a brief statement of each body of work/project – but you don’t have to describe each image.

Within your selected images, have some examples of exhibited work in situ if appropriate.

What we’re looking for

We want to see:

  • A good degree of technical competence
  • The ability to select and sequence visual material
  • A sense of enquiry
  • An appreciation of context
  • An understanding and control of visual literacy evident in the work you show
  • An individual set of interests or concerns and an ability to respond to these visually in an interesting and creative way

Your portfolio should evidence:

  • your ability to produce visual outcomes in relation to an idea or concept
  • a distinct and individual practice
  • a research interest that has potential for further development at masters level
  • examples of two or more resolved projects you have made, instead of a demonstration of all the genres and techniques you have tried
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