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Showcase your creativity: a step-by-step guide

Craft a portfolio that makes your expertise shine

Embarking on a creative course is a journey of passion and expression. Your portfolio is more than a collection of works; it’s a window into your artistic soul. Let’s make it a masterpiece that captures your unique vision and ambition.

If you’re applying to a course listed below in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, you may need to submit a portfolio of your work. 

Each course has its own portfolio requirements. Click on your course link below to find out exactly what you need to prepare.

To help us better understand your work, consider adding supporting statements or annotations to images where possible.

Please note

  • If your initial portfolio submission is not suitable, we may ask for more work.
  • For BA (Hons) Theatre applicants: preferably, attend our on-campus workshop and interview. Can't make it? A video submission is also accepted. Full details in our portfolio guide below.


You’ve got a full three weeks to send us your portfolio after our request.

If you’re pressed for time, just drop us an email at admissions@port.ac.uk with your name, course, and ID number for an extension. We’re here to help.

Access your portfolio guide

Find your degree course below for the guide you need.

Top tips for your creative portfolio

Here are five helpful tips to help you with your portfolio.

1. Research the course

One course in your chosen subject area may differ from the same titled course elsewhere. 

By doing your research, you’re able to not only apply for the right course for you but also show your understanding through your portfolio content.

2. Help us learn about you

Your portfolio is your stage. It’s your chance to stand out.

We want to see who you are as a creative through the work in your portfolio. Illustrate your inspirations, what styles, methods, and mediums you love to work with, and so forth. 

Everyone is unique, and you bring so much of yourself to your work—so show this through your portfolio.

3. Show us your creative process

It’s not just the result that counts; we love seeing how your mind works.

Let us see how your ideas bloom from sketches to final pieces. Display the evolution of your creativity from research and development to your final project (if you’re at that point).

It also helps if you can critically review and analyse your work. For example: what do you think about it? Is there anything you would change? Does it meet the brief?

4. Keep it succinct

Show us your ability to edit and curate your portfolio within the guidelines we provide.

Select your best work only and ensure everything has a reason to be there.

5. Add context to your work

Add thoughtful annotations to each piece in your portfolio.

Tell us the story behind your work, your inspiration, and why it’s important to you. This helps us see the world through your eyes.

Need more help?

Join our webinar, Applying to Creative Courses and developing your portfolio, for more guidance on:

  • applying for your course of interest
  • what to include (and not include)
  • navigating your portfolio submission

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