Astronomical observatory under the stars

Become a cosmic detective

Explore the universe through the fundamental aspects of physics, astrophysics and cosmology

We're expanding our knowledge of our universe all the time.

But 95% of it exists in a form we still don’t understand. If you want to deepen our knowledge of the fundamental laws of physics, and apply this to the structure and behaviour of some of the largest and smallest elements of existence, then there's plenty left for you to discover. And here's a chance to get a taste of what that could look like for you in the future.

Using the Discovery Series workshops

The workshops are available on demand. Just write your name and go to the interactive learning platform. Follow the instructions, watch the videos and discover where the subjects could take you.

Astrophysics workshop

Ever wondered how astronomers know so much about the universe when everything in space is so far away? They can't always go there to do experiments, but it's possible to explore the universe from earth.

In this workshop, you'll become a cosmic detective and use physics to understand what's going on in some of the distant objects we can see through our telescopes.

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