Students using finance software

Beyond the Numbers

Learn analytical and problem-solving techniques that will be invaluable in any business environment

Accountants and finance professionals are at the heart of almost every organisation.

They use their expertise to make insightful business decisions. They create value for everyone involved in the organisation and help shape the world around us.

If you're thinking about pursuing a career in the financial sector or becoming a chartered accountant, we're here to help you get there. Explore our interactive workshops to learn about studying accounting and finance, what analytical and problem-solving skills you'll develop, and how to kick-start your future.

Using the Discovery Series workshops

The workshops are available on demand. Just write your name and go to the interactive learning platform. Follow the instructions, watch the videos and discover where the subjects could take you.

Accounting workshop

Accounting is a language that all industries – from sport to theatre to pharmaceuticals – use to help their businesses function. Explore how accounting is used in the real world and why it matters to everyone.

Further information

Accounting, economics and finance courses

Prepare for your career in accounting or the financial industry with a degree course that caters to your ambition. Choose a course with accreditations from relevant professional bodies such as the CIMA and the ACCA. 

Students using finance software
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Pathways to uni

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Reasons to get a degree

Discover the benefits of getting a degree and the opportunities you'll get at uni

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