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Coming to university

Read our expert advice on everything from how to make friends at uni, to the best ways of living more sustainably as a student

There's plenty to think about when you start uni – and preparing properly for such a big moment in your life can make all the difference.

Find out more about what to expect and what to do if you're coming to university soon, and read our helpful hints on everything from how to make new friends, to how you can limit your impact on the environment while you study.

Making friends at uni

Feeling a bit on edge about making some new mates at university? Don't worry, we're here to help.
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How to be sustainable

Worried about the impact you'll make on the planet as a student? Read our tips on how to stay green at uni.
October 2019
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Preparing for university

From what to pack to the essential life admin awaiting you, we've got your pre-arrival prep sorted.
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Joining the University

From what to bring, where to go and who to call, to advice on managing your money and settling into your new home, all our important information for new starters is here.
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Living at home whilst studying

Explore your options and decide if living at home during your degree is the right choice for you. 
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Balancing study with full time work

Want to learn more about balancing your workload, job and other commitments while you study? Read our advice to get the most out of your time at university.
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Occupational health checks

Studying a healthcare course? You'll need to complete some confidential occupational health checks. 
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