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How and why we make our offers

When making you an offer, we look at more than just your grades

We care about our community

We are committed to breaking down socio-economic barriers and encouraging students of all backgrounds to apply to study one of our Gold-rated degrees.

As well as carefully considering the information students provide as part of their application, we also consider personal circumstances and experiences that may have affected their ability to demonstrate their true academic potential at school or college. This is identified using established widening participation data and may result in an adjusted offer. The adjusted offer will be lower than the typical course offer and will be signposted in the offer email.

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Raising regional aspirations

We believe that going to university can help people move up in the world, reach their goals and achieve their ambitions.

We recognise that we must do more to raise aspirations by removing barriers and obstacles to higher education, especially for those who live in our region. To realise these ambitions, alongside issuing adjusted offers using established widening participation data, we also issue adjusted offers to those within our region. The adjusted offer will be lower than the typical course offer and will be signposted in the offer email.

Putting your portfolio at the centre of the creative offer

The University of Portsmouth has always looked beyond exam results to assess a person’s ability to engage successfully in higher education. Our Gold rating in the national assessment of teaching excellence shows how successful our University is at nurturing talent in young people.

With our courses in the creative subject areas, we want our applicants to demonstrate talent and a passion for their chosen subject. We assess our applicants on their potential, not their predicted grades, the quality of their work and their creative journey. We do this through submitted portfolios, and interviews, where relevant. 

If we recognise the creative talent of an applicant who we feel would benefit and succeed at the University of Portsmouth, and who displays a passion for their own artistic development, then we are likely to offer them an unconditional place, subject to having the prerequisite GCSEs for their chosen course.

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Introducing Connected Degrees

Portsmouth is the only UK uni to offer a 3 year course with 4th year placement.

As well as being able to take a traditional sandwich placement before your third year on most of our undergraduate degrees, you can now take your work placement after your final year.

We call courses with this placement option Connected Degrees. 

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