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If you're thinking about uni, use our guides to make the right decision for your future after school and college

Deciding whether you want to go to uni or not is a big decision – and a personal one.

This decision affects your choice to go to college, what you study at college and where you'll live when you take the next step. We have guides to help you with each stage of the decision-making process, beginning with our guides on reasons to get a degree and different pathways you can take to get to uni.

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Reasons to get a degree

Discover the benefits of getting a degree and the opportunities you'll get at uni

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Overcoming barriers to going to uni

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Pathways to uni

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Foundation year guide

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Alternative ways to get a degree

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Advice for mature students


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Hear what out students thought about before starting uni

Thinking about uni?

We asked some of our students what their dream careers were before uni, what they're studying now and what they want to do after they graduate.

Text: Thinking about uni? We asked some of our students about their journey. When you were growing up, what did you want to be?

Ethan: When I was growing up, I always knew I wanted to be an engineer. 

Charlotte: A teacher. 

Denise: Be an actress. 

Lilly: Singer. 

Rihanna: A scientist. 

Caitlin: An Olympian. 

Ann-Sophie: Woman in STEM. 

Henrietta: Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a businesswoman and one day own my own business. 

Immy: When I was growing up, I wanted to be a doctor. 

Tami: A lawyer or an accountant. 

Timothy: A radiologist or a pharmacist. 

Jasmin: When I was growing up, I wanted to be all sorts of different careers, actually. I wanted to be a writer, a paramedic, a police officer, a beautician. I didn't know what I wanted to do. 

Text: What was your favourite subject at school?

Charlotte: At school, my favourite subject was history. 

Matt: Chemistry. 

Shamica: P.E., physical education. 

Ellie: History. 

Susan: Science. 

Caitlin: PE and chemistry. 

Denise: Drama. 

Ethan: Design engineering. 

Molly: At school, my favourite subject was science, specifically biology, because I like learning about how the body works. 

Molly: English. 

Sian: Art. 

Timothy: Geography and that was because we got to learn about all the cultures across the world. 

Henrietta: My favourite subject in school was ICT. 

Jasmin: Spanish because I loved learning the language and being able to communicate. 

Ann-Sophie: Maths and product design. 

Text: What do you study now at university?

Shamica: At the University of Portsmouth, I study Sport, Health and Exercise Science. 

Sian: Psychology. 

Susan: Diagnostic Radiography and Medical Imaging. 

Tami: I'm a master's student studying Finance. 

Timothy: At uni, I now study Pharmacy. 

Rihanna: International Development and French. 

Molly: Biomedical Science. 

Lilly: BA Honours in Journalism. 

Harriet: The Operating Department Practice. 

Matt: At uni, I now study Psychology. 

Jubilee: Architecture. 

Denise: Criminology and Forensic Studies. 

Ellie: Marketing. 

Ethan: Mechanical Engineering. 

Immy: At uni, I now study Animation. 

Text: What is your favourite thing about uni?

Charlotte: One of my favourite things about uni is not only the fact that I find my course really interesting, but I've also joined the Lacrosse Society, which is a new sport I've never played before. 

Ann-Sophie: The broad range of subjects I learn within my degree. 

Caitlin: The independence and freedom you get. 

Henrietta: Lecturers that are constantly supporting you and motivating you to do well. 

Ethan: The depth that you study your chosen subject in. 

Jasmin: I found out what career I wanted to do, I've had help with work experience and career choices and CVs. 

Molly: It's being able to explore amazing new places such as Portsmouth. 

Text: What's next after uni?

Denise: My next step after uni is, hopefully, a role in human resources or recruitment. 

Ann-Sophie: Get my masters and, hopefully, become a chartered engineer. 

Charlotte: Doing my PGCE teacher training for secondary level. 

Ellie: Gain more experience in marketing and PR and, hopefully, eventually set up my own business. 

Harriet: It's working for the NHS as an anaesthetic practitioner. 

Matt: Hopefully, to get onto a Masters. 

Susan: My next step after uni is to become a diagnostic radiographer in a hospital. 

Ann-Sophie: My dream is to become a music features writer. 

Denise: Getting onto a masters programme in neuropsychology. 

Text: Whether you know what you already want to do, or even if you're not sure, we're here to help.