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Make the right choice for you

If you're thinking about uni, use our guides to make the right decision for your future after school and college

Deciding whether you want to go to uni or not is a big decision – and a personal one.

This decision affects your choice to go to college, what you study at college and where you'll live when you take the next step. We have guides to help you with each stage of the decision-making process, beginning with our guides on reasons to get a degree and different pathways you can take to get to uni.

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Get advice on pathways, options, study skills, choosing a subject and decisions at post-16.

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Reasons to get a degree

Discover the benefits of getting a degree and the opportunities you'll get at uni

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Overcoming barriers to going to uni

You have many things to weigh up when deciding to go to university. We've tackled nine common concerns students have about uni to help you make the right choice.

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Pathways to uni

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Foundation year guide

Learn how a foundation year works and where it can lead to.

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Alternative ways to get a degree

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Advice for mature students

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Journey to University | University of Portsmouth

Our students share stories about their journey to university, answering questions like: What did they want to be they were small? What was their favourite subject at school? Where are they now and what do they hope to do in the future?