MA Graphic Design portfolio guide

How to put together a portfolio for your course

You'll need this guide if you're applying for MA Graphic Design

What to include in your portfolio

As applicants are from many different backgrounds, we don’t prescribe an ideal portfolio – but the examples of your work should demonstrate an ability and aptitude towards graphic design.

You should select no more than 10-20 images. Examples of work could include:

  • sketches
  • design layouts
  • typography
  • photography
  • illustration
  • web design
  • video
  • animation
  • motion graphics
  • interactive or three-dimensional work.

Please supply a brief description of each piece of work.

Include within your selected images some examples of your design process and working methods, such as images of workbook pages showing idea generation, experimentation and development of ideas and concepts.

What we’re looking for

We want your portfolio to demonstrate your:

  • understanding of graphic design and its application in a wider social and global context
  • ability to express your creative process, decision making and finalised ideas
  • ability to reflect on what is – and is not – successful about your work
  • interest in researching historical and contemporary aspects of creative practice and theory

We want you to demonstrate your creativity, aptitude for design and evidence of visual communication skills. Your portfolio should evidence:

  • enquiry, research and observations showing your subject knowledge
  • original idea generation
  • concept development
  • a good level of technical ability (in both traditional and digital skills)
  • an ability to select, present and communicate a range of work to a high professional standard
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