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Enhance your learning

Explore the skills you'll need to get the most out of studying at uni and find out what support is available

Coming to university is a big step. It's an exciting time – when you'll meet new people, learn new things and see new horizons open up for you – but it's also a journey into the unknown.

Here, we provide you with information and resources to help you get the most from your university learning.

Develop your skills

Digital skills

It's important to think about the digital skills you already have and the new skills you'd like to learn.

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Organisation and time management

How our students manage their time and organise their studies.

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Working in groups

How to work as a team and plan ahead to give your group the best chance to succeed.

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Speaking skills and presentations

Discover our tips for presentation assessments and explore some of the things you could say.

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Mind mapping

Mind maps can help you to organise your ideas, plan your assessments and communicate visually.

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Improve your assessments

Written assignments

Use our resources to develop your writing style, assignment structure and understanding of key words.

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Research, reading, referencing and citation

Discover how to reference others and use quotations correctly in your assignments.

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Revision and exams

Improve your revision techniques and develop your learning style.

Revision and exams