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Working on computers

Discover the digital skills you'll develop during your studies

Digital skills and using computers are an everyday part of modern life – and you'll need both during your time at university.

Whether you consider yourself an expert in new tech or a digital newbie, it's important to think about the digital skills you already have and the new skills you'd like to learn.

When you start uni it'll benefit your studies if you know how to:

  • use digital technologies to find, evaluate and create information
  • communicate effectively with online technologies
  • select the correct tools to complete online and offline tasks
  • perform tasks efficiently in a variety of digital environments

Whatever you're studying you'll need to know how to work with digital technologies, stay safe online and build a positive online presence. You should consider the digital elements that are important for your course too – since the digital skills you'll use in mathematics will be different to the skills used in history and other subjects.

These digital skills pages will help you assess what sort of digital learner you are and offer guidance and support. Resources are also available on LinkedIn Learning to support your digital skills.