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What to do if you need medical support

Find out how and where to register with a doctor and get your jabs

You need to be registered with a local doctor to access NHS health services when you're at uni.

It's important that you register with a doctor (also known as a General Practitioner or GP) at a GP Surgery as soon as you arrive in Portsmouth. Don't wait until you're ill.

Health professionals at GP surgeries like the Practice Nurse can offer help in areas such as contraception, cervical smear tests and flu jabs, and a range of other physical and mental health conditions.

How to register

Contact a local surgery with your personal details and the name and address of your current doctor.

If you have an ongoing condition like asthma, diabetes or epilepsy, it's even more important to register with a local GP as soon as possible. Visit the GP for a health check (which is free to new patients), so they know who you are and what medication you're taking.

Make sure you don't leave your repeat prescriptions to the last minute.

Changing your address

If you change your term-time address, please contact your GP practice and let them know your new address. If they lose contact with you, you may no longer be registered with your GP.

Where to register

You can choose which surgery to register with, but it's a good idea to choose a surgery that's close to your home. If you live in University accommodation, ask at the reception of your Halls of Residence for your nearest doctors' surgery.

Find a GP


Southsea GP surgeries

If you live in Southsea, the nearest doctors' surgeries are:

Central/North Portsmouth and Cosham GP surgeries

If you live in Central Portsmouth, North Portsmouth, or Cosham, the nearest doctors' surgeries are:

Walk-in clinic

If you have a minor ailment and aren't registered with a GP surgery in Portsmouth, you can get urgent NHS medical care at a walk-in clinic. You don't need to make an appointment.

St Mary's Urgent Treatment Centre is a walk-in clinic on Milton Road in Milton.

Walk-in clinics can be extremely busy. You could wait up to 4 hours for treatment. You can check the current waiting time and opening hours on St Mary’s urgent Treatment Centre's website.

Pharmacy advice

You can get advice about minor ailments such as bugs, viruses, minor injuries, aches and pains from your local community pharmacy or chemist.

The nearest pharmacy to the University campus is Laly's Pharmacy on Guildhall Walk.

For more information on pharmacists and when they might be able to help, visit PharmacyFirst.

Protect yourself and others with vaccinations

It's important that you keep up with your recommended vaccinations, both for your protection and others. As a student you're at higher risk of infections because you'll be meeting and mixing with lots of new people, some of whom may unknowingly carry different bacteria. If you're uncertain about your protection, contact your GP.

More information for international students and healthcare is available on MyPort.


We encourage everyone to take up vaccination against Covid-19 provided by the NHS. This includes international students - anybody aged 16 or over in the UK is eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination for free, regardless of their nationality or immigration status.  

    Walk-in vaccination clinics

    Who can access these vaccinations
    • Anyone aged 16 or over will be able to have a first or second jab - you must leave an 8 week gap between first and second jabs
    • Booster jabs are also available to anyone who is over 16, and had their second jab more than 3 months (91 days) ago

    You must bring your NHS number and proof of previous vaccinations with you to your appointment - e.g. your vaccination card - otherwise you may not be able to have your jab. Do not book an appointment before the right amount of time has passed before your last jab. 

    Lalys, Guildhall Walk

    • Monday - Saturday, 9.00am - 1.00pm and 2.00pm - 6.00pm
    • Sunday 10.00am - 2.00pm

    Book an appointment through the NHS

    Many more appointments are available elsewhere in the city at the St James' Hospital site in Milton, as well as local pharmacies and centres across the UK. Find an appointment on the NHS website.


    Some strains of meningitis and septicaemia (blood poisoning) can be prevented with vaccinations. 

    If you're coming to university for the first time and are under the age of 25, you should contact your GP to request the MenACWY vaccine as soon as possible. This is especially the case if you missed having it at school or before coming to the UK to study.

    It's also important that everyone is aware of the signs and symptoms of both meningitis and septicaemia, including:

    • violent and severe headaches
    • high temperature/fever
    • vomiting
    • neck stiffness
    • dislike of bright lights
    • drowsiness/lethargy
    • joint pains
    • fits
    • a rash may appear

    Get medical help immediately if you or your friends experience these symptoms - call NHS 111 for urgent advice, or 999 in a medical emergency. For more information visit the NHS website.

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