Our Cutting Laboratory is used by specially trained technicians to prepare rock samples by extracting cores and slicing thin sections.

The samples are used by researchers and students on courses including BSc (Hons) Geology, BSc (Hons) Palaeontology, and BSc (Hons) Earth Science.

The work carried out in the lab supports the research carried out by staff and students in the Crustal Evolution and Tectonics research group, the Palaeontology and Environmental Change research group and the Centre for Applied Geosciences.

Technology Facilities; 31st May 2019
Technology Facilities; 31st May 2019


  • Radial arm diamond-tipped coring drill used to prepare rock cores from bulk rock
  • ATM 500 saw an automated, programmable diamond-bladed saw for precision cutting and serial slicing of rocks
  • 2 large diamond bladed saws for cutting rock chips for petrographic thin section preparation

Where to find us

Cutting Laboratory

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