10th December 2018CCI Facilities and Students

Setting you up for the stage

Location: White Swan Building

Our Drama Equipment Loan Store has free-to-borrow specialist equipment for rehearsals and performances.

If you're on our drama, music, or performing arts courses, you have priority access to the equipment for shooting, practice and performances on location.

Some of our equipment is also available to you if you're studying in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries.

Equipment and amenities

  • Five iPads — for managing the production of performances and rehearsals
  • Five portable projectors — to project media on location
  • Vision mixer — to manage the audio and visuals in mixed media performances
  • Three portable PA systems — for audio projection in a setting
  • Three DSLR cameras — mainly used by drama students for recording and documenting their rehearsals and performances
  • Five Sony portable camcorders — used for documenting work, rehearsals and performances
  • Wired and wireless microphones — used for live performances and musical theatre
  • Musical instruments — for our musical theatre and drama students to practice and perform with
  • Portable digital sound recorders — for documenting prep work and recording audio accompaniment to performances
  • Headphones — for listening to playback when using camcorders and recording setups
  • Lighting desks and equipment — including T-bar, smart bar, and UV light setups
  • Sound equipment — including the sound digital
  • Mirror balls — disco ball controlled by the lighting desk
  • Mic and music stands — so performers have a stable set up for their performances
  • Rigging equipment — to set up production equipment on location
  • Haze machine — to enhance the mood and setting of performances in studio and on-site

Where to find us

Drama Equipment Loan Store
White Swan Building
White Swan Road