Student using fabric painting equipment

Fabric workshop

Develop your skills, create designs and work on fashion projects

Our fashion and textile design courses encourage you to be a creative and innovative thinker. In the fabric workshop and adjoining sewing room, you'll put your creative ideas into practice using the latest tools and equipment.

Experiment by combining traditional skills and techniques with new digital technology. And get guidance and support from our highly skilled technicians.

Fabric print workshop & textile lab

In our fabric print workshop and textile lab, you'll learn every step of the fabric preparation and design process, including many fabric printing techniques. We are used primarily by Fashion and Textile Design students but also accommodate other courses in the faculty where possible.

Our facilities include:

  • Dye station for prepping and dyeing fabrics with chemical and natural dyes, two indigo vats for dyeing natural fabrics and denim
  • Single and twin head digital embroidery machines. Design intricate embroideries on specialist software and transfer them onto fabric with our industry standard machinery
  • 4 heat presses (A3 size up to A1) for heat transfer methods such as dye sublimation, chromablast and applying flock, foil and vinyl.
  • 2 x 4 metre long print beds for screen printing fabric. Extensive collection of silk screens ranging from A3 sample size up to A1 for printing large lengths of fabric.
  • Screen print equipment, industry standard ECO friendly inks and a range of advanced techniques including metallic and neon pigments, puff and pearl binder, devoré and decolourant printing
  • A dedicated teaching and project space for classes and project work, featuring 17 mannequins, 8 large pattern cutting tables, PCs with Ethos, Modaris, Adobe CC and laser cutting software, and a TV projector and sound system. With late opening hours and a built-in kitchen, you can work on your designs here at times that suit you.

Skills support

You can get skills support and guidance from our experts and technicians, from learning something new to finessing your technical skills for final year projects or postgraduate studies.

  • Basic skills sessions for trying out new methods and techniques
  • 1-to-1 sessions with a tutor
  • Sampling sessions to test out new patterns and designs
  • Library of technical process guides — step-by-step guides and points of reference

Where to find us

Eldon Building
Winston Churchill Avenue