A student using a sewing machine in our sewing workshop.

Sewing workshop

Learn the techniques and processes behind fashion and garment design

Our sewing workshop provides the space you need to build up your sewing skills, experiment with industry-standard tech and bring your fashion designs to life.

Located alongside our fabric print workshop and textile lab, you'll find everything you need to create and embellish your designs, including expert technicians on hand to help. 

Large, open-plan sewing room

Our sewing workshop has space for up to 12 people, with six large tables for pattern and fabric cutting.

You'll get to grips with industrial flatbed sewing machines and other specialist equipment as used by industry professionals.

We also have a range of mannequins in different shapes and sizes, so you can design for multiple body types and scales.

  • Access our well-stocked block and pattern library with all the materials you need to turn your designs into reality
  • Use industrial steam presses with vacuums to achieve a perfect finish on your seams and garments
  • Neaten or join seams and precisely trim excess fabric using our industrial three and four thread overlockers
  • Hem elastic fabrics while maintaining their stretchiness with the coverstitch machine
  • Create neat finishes in fabric using the digital buttonholer or the popper and eyelet machine
  • Design fabric covered buttons that can be made by up our staff
  • Work on leather or denim using the industrial heavy-duty leather machines
  • Mesh fabrics or add detail by felting with the embellisher machine
  • Use the fusing press to adhere fusible to areas of your garment that require structure
  • Prevent fraying and hem fabrics with the industrial felling machine
  • Add finishing touches including freehand embroidery and decorative stitching using our domestic sewing machines

Skills support

You can get skills support and guidance from our experts and technicians, from learning something new to finessing your technical skills for final year projects or postgraduate studies.

  • Basic skills sessions for trying out new methods and techniques
  • 1-to-1 sessions with a tutor
  • Sampling sessions to test out new patterns and designs
  • Library of technical process guides — step-by-step guides and points of reference

Teaching and project space

Our separate teaching and project space is kitted out for classes and project work. It's open until late most days and has an attached kitchen, so you can come in and work on your designs at a convenient time for you.

The School of Art, Design and Performance office is close by so you can pop in and ask tutors for a hand when they have the time.

What's in the teaching and project space?

  • 17 ladies mannequins to fit designs
  • 8 large pattern cutting tables – your main work space
  • 3 PCs – installed with Ethos, Modaris, Adobe CC and laser cutting software
  • TV projector and sound system


Where to find us

Eldon Building
Winston Churchill Avenue